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What Does a Web Developer Do?

By Snap Agency August 8, 2018

You’ve certainly heard of the job title, “web developer” before and you may have experience working with someone who holds that position. But, maybe you’ve never fully understood what exactly they do. To keep it simple, web developers are people who have exceptional skills in designing, coding, and modifying websites. Essentially, they make sure that your site is working smoothly, from the layout to the functionality.

A lot of people will confuse web developers with web designers. This is a common mistake and while their job duties often overlap and they do work closely together, they have very different roles. Web designers work with to create an artistic layout of the site, based on the vision and aesthetic a client is looking for. The developer, on the other hand, works to bring the site to life, while tweaking it to make sure it is fast, functional, and free of errors.

At Snap, we have experience in developing all sorts of websites for our clients, each with their own individual goals. As a flexible digital marketing agency, we have a well-rounded team of developers who have a passion for implementing and executing digital strategies and visions for our clients.

Technical Functions of Web Developer

There is wide array of technical skills a web developer possesses, such as HTML/CSS and Java Script coding. But they also must be always ready to learn new technology as well, as the world of web development is always evolving.

Client-Side and Server-Side

There are two main ways a web developer can go about creating a website: client-side and server-side. Some web design and development companies may employ developers who specialize in one of these options, while other developers may be well-rounded in both types.

Without getting to in-depth, server-side rendering is the most common and involves the browser you use making a request to your server to load HTML files and the content of the website. Once the request is accepted, you will see web pages. This process repeats for every page on a website that uses server-side development.

For client-side rendering, JavaScript will be the main component for this development technique and involves an HTML document with a script file that will render the site on the browser. There are pros and cons to both of these techniques and a web developer will work with you to help figure out which tactic is best for your website in terms of optimizing its performance. Web developers must also know database technologies, which involves storing code, images, files, and other data for the finished website.

Technical SEO

During the coding process, technical search engine optimization will also come into play. When search engines crawl your site, technical SEO is a big part in deciding where your website will rank. A web development team should have best digital marketing practices in mind when working on configuring your technical SEO for your website. This is why our team of SEO strategists and developers work so closely together.

Ecommerce and Responsive Design

In regards to a company’s website goals, many choose to focus ecommerce, and a web developer will work closely with you to meet these goals. The developer will make sure that the overall site is bug free, especially in aspects regarding to ecommerce; such as shopping carts and product catalogs.

Additionally, with mobile becoming a big part of online shopping, a web developer will make sure that your website incorporates responsive design. A web developer will also have a strong understanding of the security principles to ensure the safety of your company and its users. This is especially critical as the new EU GDPR regulations roll out.

Big Picture Function

When it comes to the big picture, a web developer is essential for creating a website that helps accomplish your business goals and give consumers a positive impression of your brand. A strong website will look good and in-line with the brand you’ve created, run smoothly and efficiently, and help facilitate conversions that apply to your needs. For these reasons, a web developer is a key communicator, in that they will work closely with web designers, project managers, and the clients themselves to create a site that is consistent with the messaging and values of the brand.

Each function of a digital marketing team plays off of one another, and a web developer is no different. A web developer should show strong collaboration skills and initiative to ensure that a project turns out in line with what a client wants.

Ready to Work with Some Talented Web Developers?

A website is a digital extension of your brand, and often, it can be the first interaction a consumer has with your company. At Snap, we love designing and developing smart, efficient websites that meet help you reach your business objective. Whether you’re looking to freshen up an existing site or build something from scratch, our experts are standing by to help.