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What’s a “Magical Moment” in Social Media? Acknowledge your Fans.

By Snap Agency November 27, 2013

Every year, a group of friends and I visit the Walt Disney World Resort  to have a reunion trip. The group includes people from all over the country that share one common bond–we all worked at Walt Disney World at one point in our lives. It’s a bond that no matter at what point in our lives we were there, we have the same positive experiences and takeaways. There are some pretty funny stories about how we all met each other too. It’s kind of confusing to keep it all straight but the threads of our friendship as my friend Taylor Scott of the “One More Step Revolution” blog says, it’s pretty amazing!

My friend Brady Sadler is the Executive Vice President of Growth & Innovation at GY&K Marketing in Manchester, New Hampshire. I always enjoy talking about marketing and social media with Brady. He is very talented and has a lot of insight to share. One night, we were discussing work and what brands are doing social media well and why. We compared brand engagement to creating a “magical moment.” Brady and I both were Cast Members (a Disney employee) and were encouraged to create these “magical moments” for our guests on a daily basis at work. A “magical moment’ occurs when someone goes above and beyond to make a memorable experience for someone. Social media has created the ability for a consumer to directly communicate with a brand. This has also created the opportunity for brands to create “magical moments” for their fans.

I told Brady about a memorable experience I had with the social media team from Samuel Adams beer on Twitter. We decided to share this moment with the readers of his company’s blog. Check out the blog post “The Mouse & Social Media Magic.”