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What’s New in Google My Business for 2021?

By Snap Agency December 21, 2020

Google My Business really does it all. It’s cost-effective, boosts customer engagement, and helps level the playing field so that small businesses are just as visible as big ones. Best of all, Google frequently updates the platform to help companies continue to drive results. 

So then, what’s the latest Google My Business news for 2021? We’re glad you asked.

Local Services Ads

Picture this: you’re a local business with limited ad spend that wants to build credibility in your community. You may even have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and want to encourage your community to keep shopping local brands. How can you accomplish all of these things at once? With Local Services Ads, of course!

Local Services Ads help businesses connect with customers directly in their service area. You only pay for them if a customer calls you through that ad directly, which is ideal for those with a limited marketing budget. And if that’s not enough, your ads will only appear when you want them to, so you can target high-traffic times of day and, again, get the most bang for your buck.

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock during 2020, chances are you’ve heard of something called COVID-19. And no shocker, many local businesses have taken a hit during the past nine months. The numbers don’t lie: small business revenue dropped 52% in 2020 alone. What better way to keep customers coming than Local Services Ads themselves?

Call History

Have you ever tried calling a business during their busy hours and couldn’t reach a representative? Does the idea of leaving a voice message with a company make you squirm? If so, Call History may become your new best friend.

With Call History, businesses can see and respond to missed calls made through their Google My Business page. It logs calls for up to 45 days on an opt-in basis. In other words, it’s a convenient way for businesses to track and respond to missed messages, and saves customers from leaving dozens of voicemails. A win-win scenario, if you ask us!

Call History is also ideal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have experienced an enormous spike in phone calls inquiring after inventory, adjusted hours of operation, and other COVID-related FAQs. With many businesses already overwhelmed during this time, it can be challenging to return voicemails and even harder for customers to reach actual employees. Call History solves both problems—if your call isn’t initially answered, there’s a good chance someone will get back to you when they have the opportunity. Talk about a relief for those on both ends of the line!

Google My Business Tips

Are you new to Google My Business? Want to get a headstart on your 2021 ad campaign? Check out the tips below for making the most of this incredible platform.

Get Google Screened

Google Screened is a lot like being a verified celebrity on Instagram, except you’re a business! Earning that little green checkmark next to your Google My Business info shows that your products and practices are the real deal. Taking a little extra time to undergo the necessary background and license checks will do wonders for building customer confidence.

Now, picture what a combo Local Service Ads + Google Screened can be. Your GMB post is not only convenient for local shoppers, but you’ve also earned Google’s ultimate seal of approval, too. And even if you’re not a local business, Google Screened is still a valuable investment.

Assign Owners and Managers Who Will Get the Job Done Right

Google My Business allows you to customize who manages what pages, making it a flexible and collaborative platform. For some, that means managing what times of day (and in how large a radius) your local ads appear. For others, it means keeping an eye on your Call History and responding promptly. It can even mean designating owners to answer FAQs, responding to customer reviews, and keeping all of your info up to date.

Who constitutes someone who will “get the job done right,” anyway? It may be someone currently on your staff. Or it may be a talented digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of Google My Business. The choice is, of course, up to you.

Google My Business Like a Pro in 2021

Either way, we here at Snap Agency know we’re your people, and we’d love to partner with you. For even more insight into navigating Google My Business for 2021, schedule a conversation with us today.