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See Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy: We Lay It Out In Our Digital Marketing Stat Sheet

By Snap Agency May 12, 2014

As a leader in digital marketing solutions throughout Minneapolis, Snap is dedicated to providing you with high-quality content that’s easily digestible and tells you valuable information right away. We wanted to kick off Monday by supplying you with a little marketing statistic tally sheet to get your week started off right.

Above you’ll see Snap’s Digital Marketing Tallysheet, courtesy of our content marketing team. We’ve researched some of the most valuable statistics for our audience, and patched them together in a neat infographic. If the numbers show us anything, it’s that in 2014, you need a digital marketing strategy now more than ever. SEO, Web design and social have now become your best weapons in your fight for that acclaimed top spot on the Google search engine page rankings. If you’re dedicated in your content quest, gilded in your marketing budget and adventurous in your ideation, you will conquer your enemies.

If you haven’t already implemented a digital marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. Marketing is no longer door to door, it’s search and click. You need to find out where your audience is hiding in online, and integrate yourself into their personal community. Online branding is a necessity for today’s businesses, and is the best way for you or your company to boost revenue.

Companies all around the U.S. keep funneling in money to their digital marketing budgets. Of a survey done by Gartner, since 2013, about 20% of U.S. companies’ budget is being used up in the marketing department. About a third of that is digital. Additionally, 55% of digital marketers are increasing that budget. That’s a pretty significant jump in just a year and a half.

Let us know how much you’re increasing your digital marketing budget by leaving us a comment in the section below. Or, if you have any statistics of your own that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you!

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