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Snap Agency is a digital marketing and web development agency. For over 15 years, we’ve been crafting tailored WordPress development strategies for clients.

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Now, you’re probably thinking, “How can your web design services support my business?” Here’s our secret:


At Snap, we embrace development challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Our thoughtful, data-driven development process creates intuitive digital foundations for the brands we serve—fostering better results for our clients.

In other words, we keep up on the latest innovations and trends in the field, so you can grow your business without worrying about development shifts.



To thrive as a business today, you need a robust online presence that outshines your competitors. That means creating a versatile website that brings the speed, capabilities and experiences today’s consumers crave. With the right development solution, your brand can set itself apart and drive ROI.

We’ve learned a lot about WordPress development over the past two decades—including the value of putting the end user first. Development goals are well and good, but truly successful sites are built to accommodate the needs of all stakeholders and audiences. That sole differentiator can push you ahead of competitors and spur digital growth.
Is your business ready to find more customers and strengthen your online performance? Then we’re the partner for you. Snap Agency has been developing gorgeous and impactful WordPress sites for B2C and B2B brands since 2003. Together, we can create customized development solutions that take your business to the next level.

What is WordPress Development & Why Does Your Minneapolis Business Need It?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the industry—and for good reason. This versatile CMS offers a range of plugins and features to suit almost any brand, from small businesses to multinational corporations. WordPress also features a range of versatile plugins to support SEO—fostering greater traffic and conversions.

WordPress development is the discipline of building intuitive websites that excel in usability, responsiveness and performance. With the right development team, your WordPress site can run smoother and more effectively meet your business needs.

The greatest appeal of WordPress development is flexibility; that’s exactly why this CMS is used by large and fledgling brands alike. It can accommodate full-service e-commerce stores, case studies, creative portfolios, social networks and almost any other feature your business could want. Adaptability, thy name is WordPress.

WordPress Development That Drives Results

Snap’s award-winning WordPress developers offer a range of services for your business—ranging from professional configuration of WordPress sites to themes and plugins. Whether you need help with custom installation, app development or database creation, we’ve got the right solution.

We’re also proud to support your ongoing success with our development support capabilities. Snap’s team will provide continued maintenance for your WordPress site after launch to ensure top-class performance that drives results—along with addressing development, content entry or UX issues swiftly and seamlessly. We also offer WordPress consulting services to teach your team about development best practices and help you make the most of your current WordPress build.


  • Every successful development project starts with a smart strategy and well-defined goals. Before touching a single line of code, we meet with your key stakeholders to get a full rundown on your business needs and goals. We also research your target audience to determine the best development solution for your end users.

    With a detailed strategy in place, our design team creates preliminary specifications for your upcoming WordPress build, which include every single module. After reviewing and revising these assets with your team, we create a written proposal outlining the scope of your WordPress project—with details on costs, timeline and key responsibilities.

    Once both parties sign off on this document, we dive straight into site creation—and bringing your digital vision to life.

  • With insights from the discovery process and your sitemap, our team sets to work on building your website them and page templates. As each page is created, we add interactivity and any unique features, along with installing CMS plugins—while our SEO team optimizes the site for top performance on search engines.

    Once these steps are completed, we break into programming any custom functionality for your site. That’s followed closely by backend customization—where we craft your admin panel to look and function exactly how you need it to. With this fully built online platform finished, we prep for QAing—and stress-testing all the awesome things we made.

  • After testing your WordPress site across multiple browsers, reviewing every documented functionality, and combing through the entire platform for bugs and errors, we prep for go-live—which includes helping you register your domain name and establish web hosting. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure a successful launch.

    Last but not least, we look to ongoing support efforts—including ongoing maintenance for your website post-launch to make sure it continues to deliver results. Along with regular CMS updates, we implement a simple user report system to communicate and address any site issues the moment they’re spotted.


At Snap, we specialize in pragmatic web development. Our goal is to find the most practical solutions for your development challenges—and implement them quickly, affordably, and without cutting corners. Doing it correctly and pragmatically—that’s what set us apart from most WordPress developers.

Your website is the bedrock of your brand’s digital identity—and the stronger it’s built, the further your business will go.


Development is the first step on the path to digital success.


Snap Agency is a digital marketing and WordPress development agency that helps clients grow through the power of data-driven creativity. Our development services can help your business drive efficiency and ROI.

We have over 16 years of development experience.