Minneapolis Local Search Directory Listings

Dee Forsberg, a real Snap client, has listed her services on many popular directories across the internet to help her business turn up at the top of the search results.

Did you know that according to Google, 97% of Americans search the Internet first when looking for local products and services? If you’re a Minneapolis local business, we can help you make sure that searchers find your website first–not your competition.

Listing your website on local search directories is crucial for location-based businesses. Google displays search results based on a user’s location, so if a user in Minneapolis searches for “music store,” the top results will be music stores located in Minneapolis. If your site is listed in the directory, you’ll get more traffic to your website.

Local packs a lot of power when it comes to search results. Are you ready to get your share of the search engine traffic?

Google local search

Minneapolis Local Search Directory Package

What We Do:

1. We’ll list your business location on the following search engines and directories:

Local search listing

2. We’ll make sure your neighborhood location, street address, and phone number are clearly displayed and easy to find. We’ll also include directions and parking details to make it easy for clients to find you.

3. We’ll help you determine specific categories that you want to rank for (such as “restaurant in Minneapolis”) based on which keywords clients use to search for your products or services.

If you want local customers to find you, give us a shout at (763) 548-2297 or email us at go@snapagency.com.

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