We Are Snap Agency

Snap Agency wasn't always a leading digital marketing agency. We actually grew from a warehouse that focused solely on fulfilling SKUs across private-label brands. Here's a quick rundown on Snap's past and what we're doing now.

E-Commerce Beginnings

The founders of Snap began with Probus Online, a nationally recognized e-commerce company that specialized in selling online through eBay and Amazon.

Snap Was Created

Snap's founders sold Probus and officially established Snap Agency, a mature digital agency that primarily offered e-commerce and SEO services for other businesses.

Today's World

After bringing several specialty agencies including; Westwerk, Ten Golden Rules, and Snap500 under the Snap umbrella, Snap is one of the most robust digital marketing agencies offering SEO, professional web design, brand strategy, social media and paid advertising.

Behind The Scenes

Want to learn more about how Snap works its digital marketing magic? Get a glance behind the curtain by reading up on some of our crew members—or applying to join the team.

Working With Snap

So, what's it like to work with Snap Agency? We're glad you asked. Here's a quick step-by-step on how we onboard and collaborate with our clients.

Snap will invite you to a raucous onboarding meeting! (It will actually be pretty tame.)

The purpose of this meeting is to put a face to the names of your team, as well as allow the Snap team to meet you before we begin our long and exciting journey. We will go over your business history, key goals and, most importantly, what the project plan is during the Discovery phase.

During the discovery presentation.

In Discovery, our account manager will present you with the information found during Snap's first month of work. Consider this an audit of every nook and cranny concerning your business. We’ll be scoping out where you've been (on the web, of course) and where your greatest opportunities are. What are some things that worked well, and what are some things that didn’t? Your account manager will then present a future strategy based on the information that we found, as well as goals to achieve while working with us.

Now the fun starts!

Once the team has an ongoing marketing plan, we start making magic happen (i.e., implementing well-planned strategies with specific tactics and goals in mind). Our team will present you with monthly progress updates, strategy updates and other relevant information to your business. In short, we bolster what works while cutting back on things that might not be jiving. This process is about transparent communication and letting you know exactly what’s happening.

Bada bing, bada boom...

Now you're on page one of Google search results, and you need to hire an octopus to answer all the phones from incoming leads. Or something like that. Snap makes clients happy time and time again through concerted efforts to earn them more business. By synchronizing strategies across content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, design, paid ads and more, we've helped our clients earn countless conversions. Don’t miss out on the fun! And the undeniable business growth.

Services We Provide

Read on to learn more about some of the awesome digital marketing services Snap brings to the table. We specialize in UX, SEO, brand strategy, development and more. Our team can help you meet any marketing challenge or goal, no matter how imposing it might be.

Search Engine Optimization

Snap's SEO team brings organic traffic to your site through a variety of tactics, ranging from content marketing to link building. Check this service out if you're looking to increase site visibility and bring in new business.

Social Media Marketing

Snap's social media specialists get people talking about your brand, leveraging influencers, diverse platform content and other smart engagement tactics to attract followers and build loyalty.

Web Design

Snap's talented designers build beautiful, responsive websites tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. From e-commerce design to custom design & development, we've got you covered.

Web Development

Snap's developers are its backbone, bring comprehensive functionality the websites we build. Our development experts will continuously monitor your site to ensure maximal performance.

Discovery & Strategy

Snap leads the way in e-commerce, assessing a variety of best practices, sales tactics and marketing strategies through our seven proprietary online stores before putting them to work for clients.


Snap puts you in front of potential customers at the right moment in their search cycle to expand your online reach using our PPC management services.

HGA Web Design & Development

HGA, a design firm specializing in architecture and engineering, fosters inspiration through impactful, enduring designs. After a major rebrand, HGA reached out for help with building a responsive WordPress site that clearly reflected the brand’s fresh look and perspective.

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Our Awards

Snap Agency has been recognized with several national and international awards for innovations in design, branding, SEO, social media and more. Explore below to learn more about our growing list of digital marketing decorations!