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5 Brands You Should Follow on Instagram

By Snap Agency October 21, 2013

Instagram continues to be one of my favorite apps. I’m always on the lookout to find new brand, bloggers or users to follow. Here are some of my favorite accounts that I’m following right now.

1.) The Today Show In the constant battle of the morning shows, I think the Today Show is winning the Instagram category. There is a combination of videos, behind the scenes photos and teasers for the show. It’s a great way to follow the show without having to watch all 4 hours. I admit, I have tuned in to the show because of teasers or clips on Instagram. Follow the Today show here.

2.) Taco Bell Taco Bell is killing it on social media. They are entertaining, relevant and humorous. Even if you hate the food, you can’t help but smile at some of their tweets or posts. They clearly understand their audience and are providing content catered to that audience. Through a combination of imagery of their stores, products or events their target audience would be interested in. This account may trigger your craving for Fourth Meal. Check them out here.

3.) lululemon Lululemon is another brand that is very successful on social media because the brand understands its audience and is providing timely, relevant content their followers and fans are interested in. They showcase their products, inspirational quotes, and images their audience are interested in. The encourage their followers to use the hashtag #thesweatlife to showcase the brand lifestyle. Check them out here.

4.) Target Does It Again I recently discovered this account on Instagram and it has quickly become one of my favorites. This team of bloggers posts new products that they love from Target. They post images of clothing, accessories, home goods, beauty products, food items or anything that sparks their eye at their local Target. The images are simple and look very similar to an image you may send a friend if you see an item at Target that they would be interested in. These ladies may feed your Target addiction, but in a good way! Check them out here.

5.) Disneyland and Walt Disney World Both accounts are fairly new to the Instagram scene. Both accounts have less than 150 posts in comparison to other brands with hundreds or thousands of posts. These two brands are very similar, but very different because they showcase different spaces in both parks. They also utilize their fans by “regramming” or sharing images that their fans have tagged with the brand or used their hashtags. It’s a great mix of professional looking photos to a unique image from a talented user. Since they pay attention to their fans and utilize their photos, they really understand their target audiences. Check them out here and here.