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Back to School at the Google Analytics Academy. Register Today!

By Snap Agency October 8, 2013

Web analytics has become essential in measuring your online presence and collection actionable data for SEO and SEM. If you’ve ever wanted to get a handle on key digital measurement concepts, now’s your chance! Google is offering a three-week course for marketers and website managers to teach the fundamentals of web analytics in what they’re calling, Analytics Academy.

Google Analytics Academy, who is it for and what will I learn?

The instructional course is geared towards beginner to intermediate Google Analytics users, which is broken down into easily digestible units. Choose from courses in basic analytics concepts, industry trends, dashboard setup, and interpreting comprehensive reports. With 22 lessons delivered by video, it’s expected that the course will take 3 to 6 hours to get through.

Google Analytics Academy Schedule
A look at the Google Analytics Academy schedule

The goals of this instruction is provide you with the knowledge to be able to collect the right sets of data, analyze the numbers and create an actionable digital marketing plan.

Does this course fulfill the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)?

No. But it should give you a good base by which you can prepare for the test. The Google Analytics IQ recognizes you as an industry-qualified Analytics user. Get the basics under your belt so that you can work towards becoming a pro.

Understanding the fundamentals of digital analytics will go a long way towards optimizing your web presence. Take the guesswork out of your SEO or SEM strategies by letting the data determine your every move. Set up your data collection process properly, analyze the incoming numbers, and develop an effective plan for taking action. With a solid understand of how, why and where to navigate the depths of Google Analytics’ functionality, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Don’t wait, registration ends today!