Our Challenge

When Frostbeard approached Snap they were looking for a full stacked digital marketing agency to fulfill all the components of marketing that they are too busy for. Frostbeard is the busiest during the Holiday’s, so they reached out to us to help increase their organic revenue and to create more consistent sales month over month.

Since Frostbeard is part of such a unique market, our teams had multiple meetings before starting work. We consulted with Frostbeard to nail down their brand voice and messaging in content pieces, all without committing any copyright infringement. Snap also spent time researching how to be successful in search engines without Frostbeard receiving cease and desist letters from large book labels.

Our Solution

To increase Frostbeard’s organic traffic and revenue we focused on backlink acquisition and content writing. Our internal team collaborated with their writer on ideas for future blog posts and talked about previous blogs that were and weren’t successful. We spent time doing extensive keyword research to be able to figure out literary keywords related to candles. Literature and candles are two different industries, so we had to strategize on how to mesh the two different types of queries.

Consistent content posting proved successful- we saw steady traffic and revenue increases when we posted regular content. With Frostbeard being in such a niche market, we are able to attract their specific customers through content. After the success we had with SEO, Frostbeard reached out to Snap for email marketing and social media marketing services.

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