Our Challenge

The IHC Group is a collection of insurance carriers, marketing affiliates and administrative affiliates. The organization has been providing leading-edge dental, disability, health and vision insurance solutions to individuals and groups for over three decades. IHC Group encompasses a wealth of companies—ranging from life insurance brands to quality pet insurance providers—empowering clients with the confidence and coverage they need to thrive.

IHC connected with Snap Agency to leverage our SEO services. The group was seeking a strategic digital marketing partner to help them optimize their website for search and drive organic traffic. The client also needed assistance with resolving technical SEO issues that were hindering the search visibility of the website. After meeting with IHC’s leadership and key stakeholders to define these business goals, we began a comprehensive site audit for IHC, which encompassed its web analytics, organic search visibility, accessibility, indexability, on-page and off-page ranking factors, and more.

After completing the IHC audit, we began to develop data-driven SEO tactics to address current gaps in the client’s online presence and establish a stronger foundation for search. Together, the Snap and IHC teams determined that the best course of action was to perform technical optimization of the site and provide SEO training for IHC’s internal marketing team. This approach would ensure that any technical SEO issues were resolved—and equip the client’s team with the knowledge and tools to implement future changes and head SEO campaigns.

Our Solution

To begin, Snap’s SEO Team performed an in-depth technical whiteboard session with IHC. The purpose of this meeting was to develop a deeper understanding of which technical aspects of the client’s site were excelling and which needed refinement. During this meeting, we uncovered IHC’s need for CRM integration, event tracking and calculating ROI for its marketing efforts. Using the insights from this session as a foundation, our team assisted the client in establishing optimal KPIs (key performance indicators) to assess the efficacy of their digital marketing campaigns. From there, Snap dove deep into enhancing the technical elements of the IHC site, ensuring that it could be crawled by search engine spiders and have its content indexed.

After refining IHC’s technical SEO, we trained the client’s internal team on how to implement our SEO best practices into their marketing efforts. Snap’s SEO Team brought IHC up to speed on research tools for generating highly relevant content ideas, navigating Google Analytics properly and performing keyword research to maximize site visibility. We also introduced IHC to a number of cost-effective backlink audit tools and tactics to increase site authority via high-quality backlinks. By the end of this training process, IHC’s team boasted the SEO expertise it required to attract qualified traffic organically and draw in new business opportunities. Thanks to Snap’s SEO services, IHC is seeing phenomenal success, generating significantly higher traffic and conversion rates.

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