Our Challenge

The National Pork Board is responsible for communicating with pork producers and promoting the benefits of pork to the public. In 2008, the National Pork Board needed to redesign TheOtherWhiteMeat.com to create a fresh, new look and feel as well as new site functionality

The new site design features beautifully photographed meals to draw users into their enormous recipe database as well as smart pork preparation tips and creative party recommendations. Over 3,000 recipes are available on the site, and users can rate recipes, save the recipes to their online recipe box and watch preparation videos. The website was developed on C4TM CMS and is fully content manageable by The National Pork Board.

Our Solution

In addition to the B2C Pork website, a new Pork mobile website for Smartphone users was built as well. The mobile site provides consumers direct access to thousands of Pork recipes and enables them to save their recipe to a shopping list that instantly itemizes everything they need to purchase and prepare the recipe. The mobile site also features a Cooking Times Calculator so busy consumers can select a cooking method (e.g. Grilling) and a pork cut (e.g. Back Ribs) and instantly see the appropriate cooking time on their smartphone. Atomic Playpen also integrated the Pork mobile website with the www.PorkBeInspired.com website so whenever The National Pork Board’s marketing team adds a recipe to the main website via the content management system, the mobile site recipes are updated as well.

Upon conducting extensive audience research in 2010, the National Pork Board concluded it was time to evolve their brand from “Pork, The Other White Meat” to “Pork, Be Inspired”. The new positioning has resulted in a new campaign and a new website. As The National Pork Board’s digital agency-of-record, Atomic Playpen worked closely with The National Pork Board to extend the campaign to the new website. Atomic Playpen incorporated a “southern kitchen” feel into the website and also identified ways to enhance the user experience throughout the website. A video player was also added to the homepage enabling the user to cycle through numerous cooking videos quickly. Re-built on C4TM, the remains fully content manageable by The National Pork Board marketing team.

After the redesign, Pork saw a skyrocket in visits, a decrease in bounce rate and a rise in overall user experience on both desktop and mobile. A promotional social media campaign featured a live cooking demonstration from Richard Blais, winner of Top Chef All-stars.

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