Our Challenge

On Site Co. specializes in developing and renting top-quality sanitation and climate control solutions. The company offers a wide variety of portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers, air filtration machines and portable heating solutions for projects and events across Minnesota and Missouri. On Site delivers and maintains durable products for construction sites, disaster relief efforts, special events and more, bringing convenient sanitation and safety to those in need.

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On Site partnered with Snap for assistance with SEO and increasing the conversion impact of their website. The company acknowledged the need to reach beyond an internal marketing department to achieve their business goals, particularly when it came to optimization of their site for organic search. After meeting with On Site’s team and key stakeholders, we determined that a cohesive SEO strategy would be the best way to help the brand drive qualified traffic to the website without depending on costly online ad campaigns.

One of On Site’s core goals was to improve the number of trackable conversions their website produced via organic traffic. This effort would equip their internal sales team with a higher number of prospects to work with, generating more business opportunities for On Site via inbound leads. Together, Snap and On Site developed a strong SEO strategy that addressed the brand’s three primary targets—construction contractors, event organizers and private party planners. Our challenge: Leverage the right SEO initiatives to connect with these audiences and lead them to On Site’s website for conversion.

Our Solution

Because each of On Site’s target audiences had unique needs and goals, our SEO efforts targeted each of them individually through the production and distribution of tailored content. Our content marketing specialists developed a deep understanding of the On Site brand, empowering us to create relevant and valuable content for all three targets. We also focused on improving On Site’s ranking on relevant long-tail keywords, ensuring that the right users would find the client’s site when searching for information online.

Through data-driven insights, we identified the most important keyword opportunities for On Site, building a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve the client’s ranking for these keywords according to target demographics. Thanks to our content strategy and acquisition of high-quality backlinks, we enhanced the existing brand recognition of On Site and boosted the level of exposure the site received, fostering increased site traffic and additional leads for their business. Snap targeted highly relevant topics and keywords to create intent-based content for On Site’s blog, conversion-focused landing pages and quality backlinks to optimize On Site’s online authority. Our SEO services delivered massive returns for the client, boosting their organic traffic by 61% YoY and their organic traffic leads by 86% YoY. Business is now booming for On Site Co., positioning the B2B brand for ongoing success.

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