Our Challenge

Pad & Quill is a unique client in that they are using more than one of our services. Over the last year, their sales have continued to rise as a result of our efforts. We are seeing improvements on a number of  online platforms. Social media channels show heightened engagement and a loyal fan base.

A growth pain point for Pad & Quill was caused by restrictions of their outdated case-only product line. Additionally, their website was not optimized for mobile or tablet, which prohibited their target market from viewing their products. Pad & Quill contracted Snap to deliver a solution that would bring them back in line with e-commerce best practices.

Snap’s objective was to enhance the online shopping experience to increase sales of Pad & Quill products through a web redesign, specifically focusing on their product page.

Our Solution

To solve Pad & Quill’s dilemma, we started by consulting another design agency to boost user experience. Next, we implemented e-commerce best practices on key pages and improved usability on conversion pages such as cart and checkout. Our biggest undertaking throughout this process was designing and developing a customizable product page that allows visitors to design their own case.

After continual collaboration with Pad & Quill, we refined our ideas to maximize their return on investment. We then advanced those ideas from conceptualization to launch, monitoring traffic flow and conversions along the way and adjusting our strategy accordingly.

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