Our Challenge

TCF Banks are affiliated with TCF Financial Corporation, a financial holding corporation based in Minnesota that focuses primarily on providing high quality retail banking services to customers throughout the Midwest. With over 395 banking locations in six states, TCF is the 4th largest supermarket banking system in the United States and the 11th largest issuer of Visa debit cards. TCF Financial Corporation also provides equipment, computer, and software leasing services, and includes several business units that specialize in real estate, mortgage, and insurance.

TCF’s goal is to be the most inclusive and convenient bank in every market they serve. TCF offers everyone, including lower and middle-income customers and small to medium-sized business, the most convenient banking services available. The company’s bank locations are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, 360+ days per year. TCF offers its customers multiple banking channels, including traditional and supermarket branches, ATMs, telephone banking, and Internet banking.

TCF recognized that a powerful Internet banking channel would be vital to the company’s continued growth, however, its corporate website failed to represent TCF as a customer service oriented, successful banking organization. TCF’s website was severely lacking in terms of usability, which undermined the company’s goal of offering convenience across all of its banking channels. In addition to the website’s flawed architecture, the site’s “look and feel” design detracted from TFC’s brand and gave online banking customers the impression that the company was unresponsive and had fallen behind the competition.

Our Solution

TCF’s website is a vital banking channel that is utilized by a large percentage of its customers, so the company needed to partner with a proven development firm with extensive experience within the financial industry. Recognizing the importance of the initiative, TCF selected Snap to redesign the company’s corporate website.

Taking into consideration TCF’s overall goal of providing banking convenience, Snap designed the company’s new website utilizing a well thought-out content structure that offers a very user-friendly experience. Each of TCF’s lines of services are clearly represented on the website, including personal banking, small business, and commercial banking services. Snap also incorporated banner advertising elements into the website’s design that promote featured service offerings such as TCF Check Cards and TCF Express Trade Discount Brokerage service. Customers are now able to quickly find desired information and easily navigate to desired areas within the website. Snap created a design that accurately conveys the accessibility and quality of service that TCF provides all of its customers. The website’s design has a simple, elegant “look and feel” that communicates a strong marketing message reflecting TCF’s emphasis on convenience and extended banking hours.

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