Our Challenge

Timesavers is an industry leader in industrial woodworking and metalworking finishing machines. For over 70 years, the B2B brand has been leveraging its engineering and manufacturing expertise to provide woodworkers and metalworkers with a range of highly durable, adaptable finishing solutions. Timesavers offers a wealth of segmented polishers, wide-belt sanders, orbital sanders, slag grinders, dust collectors and more, equipping manufacturers to maximize the efficiency and reliability of their finishing applications.

Despite its attractive website and cutting-edge products, Timesavers struggled with generating online leads thanks to its highly specific target demographics. The company reached out to Snap for assistance in developing a focused SEO strategy to connect with and convert these audiences. After meeting with the Timesavers team to define their goals for the project, we set to work on identifying high-intent keywords that the client’s targets used in online searches. We found that the Timesavers website held respectable positions around some of these keywords, but in order to attract the right types of online traffic, we needed to determine the precise types of information our target audiences were searching for. More importantly, we needed to ensure that Timesavers showed up as one of the top options in search results when those queries were asked.

Our SEO Team was tasked with driving business growth for Timesavers by generating leads for their products and service segments. We were also responsible for advising the client’s internal team on proper attribution and tracking, as well as creating and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) with their CEO. Lastly, Snap was asked to train and work collaboratively with the organization’s sales, product and marketing teams to ensure competency and business alignment with our SEO best practices. Driven by these challenges, Snap’s SEO experts hit the ground running, developing a comprehensive SEO campaign to position Timesavers for long-term success.

Our Solution

Considering the brand longevity and stability of Timesavers Inc., we decided to build upon their present branded keyword strategy by identifying two distinct types of keywords the brand could pursue. Firstly, we implemented high-intent keywords that could be included in a range of search results, such as “belt sander” or “dust collector”. The intent behind these searches could include results from DIY-type tools or industrial products. Secondly, we leveraged keywords where intent could be exclusively focused on those searching for the specific types of large-scale industrial sanding products that Timesavers provides.

After completing this keyword delineation, our SEO Team developed a data-driven strategy to target these terms by improving various technical elements on the website that search engines utilized to determine its purpose. We also optimized the content on individual pages within the context of the site to attract relevant traffic. In addition to expanding existing pages with valuable content and expanding the Timesavers site with a blog, we employed rich backlink opportunities from high-quality websites to maximize the client’s site authority. Our SEO efforts delivered marked results for the leading manufacturing brand, increasing organic traffic YoY by 42% and organic website conversions by 18% YoY.

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