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Client Spotlight: Charnstrom

By Snap Agency July 10, 2013

Most of us take for granted that even if it’s through hail, wind, sleet, or snow, eventually the mail will get here. But how it gets here is a whole business in itself. Charnstrom is a company invested in the behind-the-scenes industry of sorting and delivering mail. They provide products from simple corrugated mail bins to custom-designed mailroom centers.

Charnstrom mailroom center

As the mail business has evolved in the digital age, so has Charnstrom. They now sell products online, and Snap Agency has been privileged to partner with them. Read more about Charnstrom and their business strategy for digital marketing in our exclusive interview below:

Tell us about your business.
“The Charnstrom Company is now located in Shakopee, Minnesota. Originally it was located in downtown Minneapolis and manufactured a small line of mail carts for distributing the mail for corporations and government facilities. The line has expanded in the last 50 years from mail bags to sorting centers and now has over 1,000 products to organize the office and mail center.”

What sets you and your services apart from your competition?
“Being in a small niche business, many of our customers know us as a company with great customer service and a quality product line that has performed for years.”

How has Snap helped grow your business?
“Charnstrom started as a direct mail catalog company, and Snap has helped us transition into an internet company. I’m confident that with their knowledge of search words (Google) and web design, Charnstrom will be with Snap for many years.”

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