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Client Spotlight: Green Biscuit

By Snap Agency October 8, 2013

Snap Agency’s client, Green Biscuit is currently competing in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” online competition to get their products in Walmart stores.

Tell Us About Green Biscuit

Green Biscuit was founded by Tom Pederson, a Bloomington native and a former Gopher & NHL hockey player. He has played hockey since he was 2 years old and has had a lot of success. After he retired, he wanted to continue to be active in the hockey world. He wanted to introduce the sport that he has loved to kids from all over the world. Green Biscuit is a family of off-ice hockey pucks that slide effortlessly on any surface so you can play anywhere like driveways, streets, parking lots, basements or garages. It is a great activity to get kids outside having fun and exercising. Our pucks are great for people of all ages and skill levels. Our fans include kids and families using the pucks to play together outside and hockey players of all skill levels looking to improve their skills. The great thing about Green Biscuit is that you can play hockey anywhere and it does not require skates, expensive equipment or ice. All you need is a stick and a Green Biscuit!

What type of products do you have?

The original Green Biscuit is designed for passing and stickhandling. We have designed a puck called “The Snipe” that is designed specifically for shooting. We also have the Green Biscuit Pro which helps players master more difficult skills like the saucer pass. We recently debuted our “Blush” puck that supports Breast Cancer Research & Awareness. Green Biscuit will be donating 10% of sales from the “Blush” puck to the organization Breast Cancer Connections that offers personalized programs and services to help anyone that is touched by breast cancer. We also have a brand new line of Olympic pucks that feature country flags in celebration of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

What makes your company different?

Green Biscuit was founded by a hockey player who saw the need for a quality product for people to use off the ice. Tom’s passion for the game has transcended into his business through his products and Green Biscuit’s customer service. Tom fills customer orders out of his home in Nevada as well as out of his parent’s garage in Bloomington, a real team & family effort! He is a proud supporter of youth hockey and has introduced the game to people all over the world. He takes pride in his products and his business. Green Biscuit continues to see success because of the passion & dedication he has for his business, customer’s skills and the sport of hockey.

How has Snap Agency helped you?

Snap Agency has done great work building awareness and interaction with our fan-base online using social media marketing. Snap has given Green Biscuit more visibility and exposure to broad markets, rather than just  those in the hockey world including internationally. They have created an awesome buzz about our new products and the “Get on the Shelf” Walmart competition. “The team is really passionate about Green Biscuit and our products which is great to work with. It is also impressive that there is a hockey fan working with us. It’s tough to impress a former NHL hockey player about the IN’s and OUT’s of their own sport but Caitlin has done it!”

Any awards or affiliations that you would like to mention?

We are proud to be a top 20 finalist in Walmart’s “Get on the Shelf” competition. Thousands entered, millions voted and we are one of the top 20 finalists! We would like to thank our amazing fans for all of their support and their votes. We are featured in the “Kids Stuff” category and our voting is open Tuesday, October 8th through Thursday, October 11th. Please watch our video and vote for us today! Go Green! Vote for Green Biscuit to ‘Get on the Shelf” at Walmart!