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How to Design the Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

By Snap Agency November 9, 2018

Turkey month is officially here, which means that the holidays are lurking right around the corner (but not in a scary way. Halloween is so last week). In the hustle and bustle of family get-togethers, food comas, and last minute trips to the mall to pick up just one last present, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks.

One thing you cannot afford to forget, though, is your corporate holiday card. Before you roll your eyes – hear me out: although corporate holiday card designs leave much to be desired, and B2B holiday cards can feel sent out of desperation, keep reading to see our best tips for creating a kick-ass corporate holiday card everyone would love to receive.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Perfect Corporate Holiday Card

In order to figure out how to create an awesome B2B holiday card, first we need to examine what NOT to do with your holiday corporate card in 2018:

Sending a Novel

Similar to our content and blog posts, we’ve learned that longer posts are not always better. In fact, with average Americans attention span being only six seconds, sending a novel’s worth of content on your corporate holiday card might be the best way to queue your customers to stop reading after the first few sentences, and toss your card into their festive bonfire. By keeping your sentiments short and sweet, customers won’t feel overwhelmed by your content, and are more likely to take the time and really read your card.

Using Your Holiday Card for Self Promotion

True, the holidays are a great time to promote your business, but consumers will notice if your corporate holiday card design feels more like an ad spread than a nice note full of cheerful seasons greetings. Instead, take the opportunity to positively share about the business in other ways, like introducing new team members or sharing some photos of your new office space. Reconnecting with your customers over the holidays provides a great opportunity to thank them for their support over the past year, and to make them excited about all the awesome things to come in the next. Don’t waste this chance.

If you do use your corporate holiday card for some good old fashioned B2B promotion, acknowledge it by tastefully tying it into your holiday cheer. For example, “don’t forget to check out our holiday sale with deals so hot, even the north pole is feeling the heat!” By being transparent about your intentions, no customer will feel cheated if they receive a promotional holiday card.

Highlighting photos of Your Office Dog

You might have the cutest office dog on the planet. However, for the holidays, your corporate card is not the time to get corny: leave the snapshots of Buddy for the office breakroom. Although de-corporatizing the holidays is a great way to relate to your customer base, your b2b holiday cards and corporate holiday card designs should reflect a more polished and professional side of your business.

Mailing your Holiday Card After the Holidays

With all the stress and hustle surrounding the holiday season, mailing holiday cards after the holidays has become so commonplace that the New York Daily News published a piece with tips to help you tastefully mail your card late. However, when it comes to your corporate holiday cards, send them on time or not at all, because sending holiday cards after the holiday season basically tells your customers you don’t have your crap together. You want your consumer base to trust you as professional, timely, and reliable. Don’t give them valid reasons to believe otherwise, and possibly lose their business a result.

Finding the Perfect Medium For Your Holiday Card

In centuries past, snail mail was the only way to send messages to customers (hello catalogs). Thanks to technology, there are now many diverse ways to effectively reach your consumer base: email, text, social, PPC, calling, and the list goes on. The dilemma has evolved from deciphering how to reach customers with your B2B holiday cards, to choosing the best medium to reach them most effectively.

Depending on your niche, certain mediums will work better to reach your audience. For example, if your Amazon page thrives based on mailing advertisements, sending an email blast will be less effective. Similarly, if your social media rocks, running a call based campaign probably won’t increase your interactions. Do some research and look through which type of past campaigns have resulted in the best traffic and ROI for your company, and capitalize on that strength to send your B2B holiday cards.

Spread the Cheer

We know that coming up with a good corporate holiday card design, and finding the best way to send it out, may not be as easy as it sounds. If this holidays season’s greeting has you stumped, call in the experts and let us help you make your 2018 holiday card your best yet.