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55 of Our Favorite Digital Marketing Tools for 2016

By Snap Agency March 27, 2016

From my perspective, digital marketing is all about the thinking involved rather than just the tools. But tools these days are making it increasingly easier to implement those creative ideas, connect with more people, do research quickly and get your content out there.

So without further ado, here are a list of some of our favorite digital marketing tools for 2016:

(I’ve a put a Snap symbol next to the ones you should check out today if you haven’t)

1.  Inspectlet Use heatmaps and screen recording    snap-ulli

2. Optimizely – A/B testing   snap-ulli

3. Unbounce  Landing page and A/B testing

4. MozBar Domain Authority Plugin for Google Chrome, SEO monitor in a Chrome Plugin  snap-ulli

5. Pitchbox  Send mass emails to bloggers

6. Wappalyzer  Determine technology on Chrome

7. Clickfunnels  Landing page and A/B testing

8. Search Console  Tracking clicks in search results

9. aHrefs Tracking search ranking positions and backlinks snap-ulli

10. HitTail  Quick keyword opportunities

11. Boomerang Email tracking so you know when someone has opened your email

12. Flux Screen dimming and temperature change for working at night without damaging your ideas or keeping you awake

13. Rescue Time Tracking weekly wasted or unproductive time

14. Google Analytics Tracking conversions and noticing trends in traffic and organic traffic growth snap-ulli

15. Flitter Social media following and unfollowing

16. Buffer + Buffer chrome extension  Social media scheduling snap-ulli

17. HiPlay  Recycling evergreen content on social, works in conjunction with Buffer

18. Archie  Social media automation on Twitter and Instagram

19. AutoPin Social media automation on Pinterest

20. Call Rail Tracks, records, routes calls/conversions in analytics

21. UserTesting.com Get feedback from users  snap-ulli

22. UsabilityHub.com Get quick 5-second tests from a lot of people quickly

23. Twitter Search Find things that are trending, look for people who need our help

24. GIF Share Phone App Make GIFs into videos for Instagram

25. EZ GIF  Make short videos into GIFs for Twitter

26. Typeform Create really beautiful one-step-at-a-time forms  snap-ulli

27. Spyfu – For competitive analysis and keyword ranking

28. HootSuite – For social post scheduling

29. Megalytics – For creating pretty reports

30. Awesome Screenshot – for screenshots using the Chrome extension

31. Keywords Everywhere – plugin that shows keyword volume & cpc in search, console, analytics

32. Copyscape – checks for duplicate content

33. Advise – specs for image sizes

34. Canva – drag and drop graphics

35. Google Keyword Planner – keyword research based on GEO location  snap-ulli

36. Google PageSpeed – Google pagespeed check

37. Pingdom – Speed test that shows detailed information

38. Google Structured Data Testing Tool – tests structured data

39. Google – finds a bunch of really cool and useful information

40. Google Consumer Surveys – Get poll/survey information back about whatever you need info on, from the people you need it from.

41. Google Consumer Barometer – Get industry specific data to help inform your marketing decisions

Favorite WordPress Plugins

43. WP Smush – Reduces image size

44. SEO Redirection – Manages Redirects

45. Google XML Sitemaps – Easily create an XML Sitemap for your WordPress Site

46. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP  – Analytics in wordpress

47. Better WordPress Minify – Minify css and js, loads scripts at end

48. Gravity Forms Makes beautiful Quick Forms on WordPress with a lot of customization and add-ons for developers  snap-ulli

49. Advanced Custom Fields Allows developers to separate fields in a very intuitive way  snap-ulli

50. Better Click to Tweet Creates sharing within an article for quotes that automatically adds the URL it was found on and your Twitter Handle

51. Jetpack I use Jetpack for its solid “related posts” functionality, site stats and website security functions

52. Akismet Blocks spam comments on WordPress like a boss

53. W3 Total Cache Helps you speed up your website  snap-ulli

54. Super Socializer Allows quick adding of social sharing functionality, and it now has alternative Twitter share count technology after Twitter recently stopped offering it

55. Yoast SEO Helps nudge you in the right direction to create a more search engine-friendly site   snap-ulli

Don’t get bogged down in the tools, but do experiment with them! Try out new tools all the time, but understand that none of these tools are a magic bullet. Be prepared to do hard work in conjunction with whatever tools you use on a regular basis and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.