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You’ve Hired an SEO Agency. Now What?

By Snap Agency May 23, 2017

You’re the expert in your business. Your SEO Agency is the expert in showcasing your business online. From building your website to connecting with your audience, you rely on your SEO agency to build and boost your brand.

But what exactly does an SEO agency do? If you’re not very familiar with internet marketing, you might feel a bit lost after you first partner with SEO professionals. What exactly are they doing? What type of results can you expect?

Let’s take a look at the basic overview of what an SEO agency does:

Identify Your Audience

The internet is a big place. You want to only target people who are likely interested in the products or services you provide. One of the first actions taken by an SEO agency is to identify the target audience for a business.

Typically, one or more customer profiles will be created. This is a detailed description of a fictional person who represents your customer base. The profile contains info like gender, age, income level and other details.

Customer profiles are data driven. Info is gathered from Google Analytics, post-purchase surveys, social media and more. One advantage of internet marketing is the tremendous about of customer data which is available.

Determine Which Keywords to Focus on

Your SEO agency will identify one or two main keywords or phrases to focus on for your site. This might not be the keywords you’d expect. Your agency will conduct thorough research to identify the keywords your potential customers are actually inputting into search engines.

What keywords are your competitors optimizing their sites for? By identifying which keywords are underrepresented in your niche, you can position your site to rank higher than the competition.

Note that keywords are often dynamic. What drives traffic today might not work so well tomorrow. Based on thorough data analysis, your agency will shift focus to the most relevant keywords whenever necessary. Check out 3 Ways to Identify Trending Keywords for your SEO.

Create Content

Once your audience is identified, the next step is to reach them. Your SEO agency will create fresh content to publish on your site.

Most of the content will likely be blog posts. Professional content creators will identify popular industry trends and create original, informative content to connect with your readers.

Improve Backlinks and Page-to-Page Connectivity

As you improve your content backlog, you’ll want to connect your content both within and without your site. Developing backlinks is an important part of establishing site authority from search engines.

Backlinks are links to your site from another website. You want links from trusted, high quality websites related to your industry. Search engines give a lot of weight to backlinks when determining a site’s ranking. For more info, check out this Backlink video.

Aside from links outside of your site, links within your website are important, too. Called internal links, these are links from one piece of your content to another. An example of an internal link is this one to The Easy, Non-Technical Guide to Internal Linking (which also provides more info).

Internal links are a great way to drive traffic towards areas of your site which aren’t getting a lot of attention. This increased traffic helps increase your site’s ranking in the search results.

Develop Social Media Pages

Social media is an important component of an SEO campaign. Typically, your SEO agency will maintain the social media pages for your business.

Social media platforms aren’t necessarily used to drive sales very directly. Instead, social media posts are used to promote content and increase positive brand awareness.

There are three main advantages to letting an SEO agency run your social media pages. First, they can integrate all social media efforts into the overall marketing campaign. They can also respond to posts quickly. Finally, an SEO agency will have the PR skills to avoid any social media mishaps.

Develop a Paid Advertising Campaign

Most SEO is focused on creating organic traffic, which is free. But a successful campaign will usually involve at least some paid advertising.

Buying ads on the internet is a funny thing. Even with a big budget, you can still spend a lot and get nothing in return. An SEO Agency will be able to develop a strategy for pay-per-click and other paid advertising.

Above all, you want an SEO agency you can connect with on a personal level. Every business is unique, and you want an SEO agency who understands what makes you stand out from the crowd. Have any questions about how we can help your business reach new customers online? Give us a call or send us a message to set up a free consultation!