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5 HUGE Landing Page Mistakes You’re Making

By Snap Agency July 27, 2017

If you’re using landing pages, then you’re probably spending a considerable amount of money each month for paid traffic. The last thing that you want to do is to waste money by failing to optimize your landing page.

In fact, one of the easiest ways for eCommerce companies to boost their profits is to spend the time and energy needed to make improvements to their landing pages.

Maximizing every part of the page and ensuring that the user experience is perfect will increase your conversion rate and results in a higher ROI and therefore more money in the bank.

Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t realize that they’re wasting money on their PPC campaigns because they don’t understand landing page optimization.

In this article, we’ll look at five of the most common mistakes that have an impact on the performance of your landing pages.

Not Testing

The biggest mistake that any company can make with their PPC campaigns is failing to test. If you’re not testing, then you’re only ever moving backward. Even the best campaigns have a lifespan, and although you may not notice the slow decline, it will come.

You should always be striving to optimize your landing pages and to squeeze any extra income from them. To do this, you need to be A/B testing or using a large test field if you’re a more experience PPC manager.

The key is to understand your funnel and how the users are reading your page. This way you can make smarter tests rather than just guessing that one color may perform better than another.

Having a strong knowledge of statistics and data programs like R or Excel will allow you to interpret your data far better than any PPC campaign tool

No CTA at the Top

One common mistake that we see businesses make is to believe that they should include their call-to-action at the bottom of the page. The logic is that you should educate the customer first before you sell them.

Of course, this makes sense, but many customers just want to move through and buy. There’s no reason not to include multiple CTA’s throughout the page, especially towards the top. Why would you want to delay the customer taking out their credit card?

Not Using Videos

We’ve all seen those landing pages that are the length of Pride and Prejudice. They’re a single page of 20,000 words, and it’ll take you almost an hour to read the whole thing.

Most of these pages can be improved by just using a video to explain the product. Not only is video an incredible sales tool, but it can also help to humanize the product and show that there are real people who care about their customers.

If you’re going to use a video, then make sure that it’s professionally done. There’s nothing worse than seeing a landing page that has a horrible cell phone quality video that would turn off even the most convinced customer.

Hire a professional videographer or learn how to take high-quality videos and edit them in a sophisticated manner.

Slow Page Speed

This is one of the worst mistakes because of how impactful it is and how easy it is to solve. Studies have already shown that the attention span of people online is extremely short and they will click back if your page doesn’t load quickly enough. This wastes your money on clicks that don’t even reach the page

You should make sure that you’re regularly testing the speed of your landing pages within Google Search Console and also with tools such as Pingdom. You’re aiming for a load time under 1 second, but anything over 2 seconds is unacceptable.

There is no need for your page to load slowly. The biggest difference you can make is to switch to a VPS on a reliable host. It isn’t going to be cheap, but it’ll make a huge difference to your load speed and therefore your conversion rate.

Secondly, optimize your page as much as possible for speed. This means that you should be removing unneeded elements, shrinking images and compressing videos. Ideally, your page will be under 2mb total, this will allow for a rapid load even on slow connections.

Distracting the User

Finally, stop distracting the user. Your landing page should have one person, to sell the reader on your product or service. They don’t need to see buttons to share it on social media, they don’t want a menu bar, and they don’t need to talk to customer service.

Let them be sold. Your landing page should only drive them to click the big red “BUY” button. Anything else is losing you money.


Landing page optimization doesn’t have to be complicated, but it can be extremely effective. If you’re currently sitting on a campaign that is breaking even then, there is a high chance that it can become highly profitable.

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