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Local Google Service Ads for Minneapolis

By Snap Agency November 10, 2020

If you’re a local business, you know how difficult it is to build up both hype and credibility in your community. After all, you’re competing against even bigger companies, or ones that have been around for much longer. Customers may need that extra push to branch out and visit you, whether online or in person.

There are many tactics we could suggest for advertising Google local services in Minneapolis: collaborating with influencers, contests for the best Yelp review, or even driving word of mouth buzz. These are all fantastic techniques, but today we’re going to focus on something a little different, something you may have heard of before if you’ve been reviewing all the latest and greatest Google Ads updates. 

That’s right; we’re talking about a little something called Google Screened. Minneapolis, this new feature is the key to boosting your local business online and getting a leg up on the competition. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is Google Screened?

Google Screened is a lot like being verified on Instagram or Twitter, but for professional service firms. We’re talking about a beautiful green checkmark that shows you’ve passed extensive license and background checks. In other words, proof that you’re the real deal.

Now, if you’re a local business, it’s likely you appear somewhere near the top of the local Google search results already, especially if you utilize SEO. And that’s awesome, truly—but what about those other local businesses that appear up there alongside you? How can you swivel that spotlight around so that it shines most brightly on you? How can you promise customers, at a glance, that they’re getting both high-quality and easily accessible services in Minneapolis? With Google Screened, of course!

I’m a Local Business in Minneapolis. How Do I Sign Up for Google Screened?

First and foremost, make sure you understand the screening requirements for US businesses, organized on Google Screened by category. Next, be sure you actually qualify for testing in the first place, as the Google Screened beta is only available for financial planning, law, and real estate for now. We’re confident other businesses will get to join the fun as Google Screened is further developed, so don’t fret if you don’t meet the category requirements just yet.

Let’s operate under the assumption that you are, in fact, in the financial, real estate, or litigation business, and you want some more local buzz. Go ahead, create an account for your business, and follow the Google Screened prompts to get yourself verified. We promise it’s an easy process.

Just a side note—some local businesses take longer to get verified than others. It doesn’t mean that you’re in trouble, or that Google Screened uncovered some dirt on you. Depending on how long you’ve operated, looking into past practices and registration validity can take more time. At any rate, it looks better for you to get verified after comprehensive testing than if the tests were too easy to pass!

Okay, Google Screened Makes Sense. Why Should I Invest in Local Service Ads in the First Place?

You should invest in local service ads because they’re convenient, genuinely helpful for local shoppers, and provide a massive increase in leads. All of which are pretty great perks, no?

Let’s break some of these claims down into even simpler terms:

  • Local ads are helpful and convenient for shoppers. Let’s say your customer searches for a “tattoo artist in Minneapolis.” How frustrating would it be to see ads and contact info for tattoo artists in Milwaukee or Chicago? Or even somewhere that’s still in Minnesota, but a little too far outside the Twin Cities metro?
  • Local ads are convenient for marketers, too! After all, the ad management platform is known for being incredibly user-friendly.
  • Local ads boost leads. Connecting with customers at the precise moment they’re looking for you means greater exposure. Greater exposure to your geographic area means more leads, views, and conversions. In fact, local service ads have proven to boost leads by over 14%, and that’s no small feat.
  • “Near me” searches are on the rise. In the past two years alone, local searches with the words “near me” have increased by 150%. The point being, customers want to shop local. They also know how to use the keywords and tools of the trade to refine their search as much as possible.

Snap: Driving Local Digital Marketing Success in Minneapolis and Beyond

Now, we don’t mean to imply that the market will oversaturate with local businesses that are also Google Screened in months to come. That all depends on the legitimacy of a company, and whether they are, indeed, employing the best marketing tactics. For advice on how to do just that, or for tangible ways to harness the power of local service ads in Minneapolis, contact us now. We can’t wait to see your local business boom!