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Local SEO: How to Use Your Address to Your Advantage

By Snap Agency April 1, 2019

Many of us use voice search technology multiple times throughout the day, often without thinking. We’re all guilty of taking advantage of the convenience Als offer, utilizing Google, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa to answer common queries like, “Where is the closest gas station?” “Hamburgers nearby,” or “Where is Target?”

Depending on the quality of a business’ SEO practices, these queries will bring up varied results based on your current location. The higher your business lands on these search results, the more likely you are to capture a potential customer’s attention. In order to compete with larger chain companies and attract new customers, you need to own your address by mastering local SEO. Here’s how to do it!

What is SEO?

Global or non-location specific SEO refers to the use of online marketing strategies, techniques, and tactics geared towards achieving a higher rank in search engine results. The higher the ranking placement of your content, the more clicks and visitors your site will receive. As a valuable part of every company’s digital marketing strategy, SEO should be taken seriously and handled by experts in order to ensure you’re following best practices and positioning your brand in front of the right consumers.

How is Local SEO Different?

Differing from global SEO, localized SEO is built around making a brand or company more visible to an individual making a search query within a specific geographic radius. Generally utilized by smaller brick-and-mortar stores, local SEO creates awareness and generates exposure for smaller companies.  These companies earn their slots on Google Local and Google Maps results by focusing their online marketing efforts on appearing to relevant searchers nearby.

If you want to own local search engine rankings, make Google My Business your new best friend. Allowing your website to appear higher on the list of Google business listings, this feature focuses on increasing consumer interaction and information sharing with potential customers by providing insider insights to your business. Ultimately, more exposure is good exposure. Visitors can glean a lot of info from checking this page—they might look at photos of your storefront and interior, get directions to your location, read through reviews, or even see what times your store is the busiest.

Why Should Local SEO Matter to me and my Business?

As voice and mobile search continue to increase in popularity, more and more queries are being made by people on the go. By boosting the exposure of small mom-and-pop businesses, local SEO has helped to rebirth the “shop local” trend and brought new life back to neighborhood shops. If the success of your small business matters to you (and we’re guessing it does!), your local SEO rankings should, too. Here are a few tips that can help boost your local rankings.

Get Mobile

Local shoppers like taking advantage of the convenience offered by smart devices and often use them to search for products and services while they’re already out in the nearby neighborhood. If your site and content are not mobile-friendly, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with shoppers who are already interested in the products and services you offer!

Leverage Nearby Locations

Both users and search engines sort and respond to content that references specific locations in a community. Partnering with local charities, attending events as a team, and even tagging the bar around the corner in your after-work happy hour Instagram pic goes a long way towards building a stronger community and strengthening your local search presence.

Work with Local Influencers

Ignore whatever famous face popped into mind when you read the word “influencer.” Although well-known influencers have substantial pull when it comes to big brands and products, you don’t need them to find local success. think about the little guys! Influencers who are very active in their geographic area tend to have local followers and support products made and sold in that area, which works in favor of that “shop local” goal.

Make Your Business Accessible

When searching for your business online, what comes up in the search results? How does your website look on a computer browser, or on a mobile device? Are your address and phone number clearly listed? From looking at your website, can you clearly tell what products and services you offer? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, take some time to improve your online footprint for the sake of boosting your local SEO.

Own Your Address With Snap

Feel like you still have a long way to go in understanding local SEO and using it to its fullest potential by to improve your search rankings? Snap can help! Our search superstars and brilliant web designers would love to help make sure your website is best set up for success. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can strengthen your overall marketing strategy.