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How to Make Your Holiday Social Media Stand out in a Saturated Market

By Snap Agency October 26, 2018

Your content is constantly under pressure, fighting for attention, clicks, and conversion in a content-saturated market. This pressure is only increased around the holidays as all ads on every corner scream “happy holidays” to passers-by. In this setting, it can feel completely overwhelming to try and strategize your holiday marketing and social media content, since so much content is already floating around the marketing world. Every content writer and strategist dreams of running a campaign so original and unique that the clicks and sales will pour in.

In reality, there is nothing we could say or create that hasn’t already been said or created a thousand times over. Instead, the key is to say it differently, so people pay attention because your holiday marketing campaigns have an added element. In order to understand how your social media management strategies can stand out, we first need to look at mistakes we might be making that are causing our content to blend in.

Is Your Holiday Social Media Currently Lack Luster?

Read through these tips below to see if you’re making any mistakes in your social media services.

Your Social Media Isn’t Engaging Well With Your Audience

People want to feel understood and acknowledged; like we’re all a part of a greater whole. This is one of the greatest benefits of social media: connections with those around us are now only seconds (or clicks, or texts) away. Along with the instantaneous connection now available, comes the expectation for instant results. Studies show that 42% of consumers expect a response from a website within 60 minutes of an inquiry. If your current holiday marketing doesn’t engage well with your customer base, you will lose them.

Your Social Media Messaging is Inconsistent

While you should utilize social media differently across each channel, consistency must be maintained with your banding and tone. For example, your formal, finished website in cool blue and gray tones calmly displays, “Happy Holidays”, yet, your social media (Twitter, Instagram etc.) is much more casual, and implements warm tones and videos of the office Christmas party throughout. Conflicting messages make consumers less likely to return to your sites in the future, and make your social media management all the more important

Your Social Media is “Quiet”

In the digital age where exposure is everything, your digital presence must speak loudly to be noticed. Maybe you haven’t updated your website in two years. Or, maybe you’ve been so busy meeting with customers (yay growth)  that your social media posts are lacking, and you find yourself revamping old pieces over and over. Make some noise! Work with influencers, partner with charities for exposure, or outsource your content work to get a fresh perspective.

Your Holiday Social Media Could Be Better. Now What?

Try out our simple tips for holiday social media management, and holiday marketing ideas, that will make your media stand out in the crowded social space.

Run a Fun, Free Holiday Marketing Hashtag Campaign

Do you partner with a charity or mission, especially around the holidays? Spread some cheer by posting with a holiday hashtag (like, #GiftsGiveBack or #TheBestPresentsAreFree, and challenge your social media followers to add your hashtag to their best holiday posts. Soon, you will be trending, and clicks will be coming in – without any advertising dollars needed.

Appreciate Your Customers

Nothing spices up your holiday greeting wording like the word “free.” In the coming season of giving, consider giving back to your customers by using your social media services to actually serve people. Set up a giveaway, run a raffle, or ask your followers to submit their funnies holiday home videos in consideration of a prize. Your engagement will skyrocket, and customers will enjoy getting involved in your business.

Deck the Halls (Literally)

If you’re anything like us, just mentioning the holidays brings out the inner kid in you and re-sparks the desire to make snow angels, drink cocoa, open presents, and spend times with loved ones. But for some reason, holiday parties are thrown with required cocktail attire and champagne, and millions are spent on corporate holiday cards every single year.

So, we suggest you try something wild: de-corporatize the holidays. Fill your social media with photos and posts highlighting your eggnog and ugly-sweater themed holiday party, or decorate the office tree with paper chains and colored lights. Deck the halls of your office with paper-cut snowflakes, or live-stream an after-hours snowball fight in the parking lot. The holidays are a time for togetherness and fun. By de-corporatizing the holiday season, your customers will be able to appreciate your authenticity and be more eager to support your brand because you have shared it with them in its truest form.

Have fun, love your customers, and let them love you back. Feel like this post helped you improve your holiday social media strategy? Tell us about it! We would love to hear from you.