Chelsey Maas
Senior UX / UI Designer

Chelsey graduated from University of Wisconsin – Stout with a BFA degree in graphic design and multimedia design with a minor in photography. She has over 5 years of experience designing user experiences for all things digital. Other than being a coffee enthusiast, having a mild corgi obsession and loving all things photo, she also enjoys a good competitive game of sand volleyball.

How did you come to be at Snap?

The stars just aligned, I suppose. I had reached out to Tim Brown, who I had previously met at a Minneapolis design event. From there, through miscellaneous interviews and get-togethers, I got to know Snap and vice versa and, in the end, both sides thought it would be a great fit.

What do you do for Snap?

I am a Senior UX/UI designer. I observe and identify user behavior, approach and solve for the best user experience, as well as create and style intuitive visual elements. I care most about maintaining awesome visual aesthetic but also form an experience curated to targeted users. On any typical day you’ll find me leading user interviews, crafting beautiful branding, constructing wireframes, and creating marvelous design.

What do you like most about your role?

I love the variety of work and working with clients. Wearing multiple hats in terms of a designer is rewarding as it gives you the opportunity to know a little bit of everything and gain a lot of experience along the way. I’m also a bit extroverted and enjoy communicating with our partners and clients. We do concentrate our design efforts on user-centered design, so bringing clients in to be apart of that process is a big part of how we get to the perfect solution.

What do you like most about Snap?

I love the people! The atmosphere at snap is cool and casual from the upbeat jams, to the playful puppies, to the friendly people. Snap is its own little family and I am glad to be a part of it!

What inspires you?

I mean, I can say what every designer says and say color, imagery and great design inspire me. However, in truth, I find the best inspiration when stepping away from the screen. Getting a breath of fresh air, sitting down at a busy restaurant, even waiting in line at the grocery store are some of the ways I get inspiration. Meeting and having unique conversations with colorful people, especially in new places, always charge the battery.

What was your first concert?

My first concert was a Smash Mouth concert! We were in Phoenix, Arizona for P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n Roll Marathon. Both of my in-laws are big runners so my husband and I went with to cheer them on. After the race was a concert for the marathon runners and spectators outside at a nearby park. And just to be clear, I did feel like an “all-star”.

What can you never leave home without?

Pen & Paper. The paper could be a planner, notebook, sketchbook, or even a post-it. All I need is something to write with and to write on. I write down everything and then some! Often times it’s a to-do list or an idea, sometimes it’s so I remember to pick up milk from the store after work. Regardless, I would be completely lost if I couldn’t write down thoughts, reminders and doodles.