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Reasons Why Amazon Is So Successful

By Snap Agency December 11, 2020


When you think of Amazon, what comes to mind? A multinational e-commerce business behemoth, perhaps? Or a CEO who’s the richest man in the world? 


Considering Amazon’s humble beginnings—launched in 1995 as an online bookseller—this meteoric rise to success becomes even more jaw-dropping. But how did Amazon get so big? Why is Amazon so successful? And most importantly, how can companies incorporate similar practices so that they grow and thrive in 2021? Let’s find out!

1. Amazon Keeps it Relevant

The days of simply selling books are over. Now, Amazon’s innovation is not only cutting-edge, but also relevant to customer needs and what’s trending.


Consider, for example, the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in health and safety concerns across business practices. Amazon One addresses those worries by offering quick, easy, and contactless ways for shoppers to do everything from paying for groceries to badging in at work. The service is highly secure and tailored to each customer’s unique palm signature. For now, it only operates in select Amazon Go stores, but we predict more customers will flock to Amazon One for a convenient, sanitary retail experience.

2. Amazon Offers an Exceptional User Experience

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop shop or multinational corporation, an excellent UX means more sales. Amazon knows this full well, which is why they employ a team of UX professionals to complete research, web development, and interaction design tactics that increase these numbers. With a whip-smart group of engineers working together, better and better UX initiatives are launched regularly. From making their site more intuitive to navigate to revamping their “Recommended for You” algorithm, it’s clear that Amazon has committed to putting the customer first.

3. Amazon Delivers, in More Ways Than One

First, there’s the literal use of the word: Amazon delivers packages as quickly as possible. The e-commerce titan fosters positive relationships with vendors to make the shipping experience a seamless one. Amazon even employs same-day delivery drones through Prime Air, perfect for all your small package shipping needs.


Now, figuratively speaking, Amazon delivers—i.e., it spreads its wings and executes like nobody’s business. Examples include opening brick-and-mortar stores across the globe and increasing distribution centers (now at 175 globally). Not to mention they’ve invested in groundbreaking initiatives for employees and customers alike, including the recent push for women in engineering and other male-dominated fields.

Amazon’s Success: Facts and Figures

  • Amazon’s net revenue, when it started in 1995, was $511,000. In the last 25 years, that number has skyrocketed to $96,150,000,000.
  • Ninety-five million people have Amazon Prime memberships. These very Amazon Prime members spend, on average, $800 more than non-Prime members.
  • 89% of customers prefer to browse and purchase products from Amazon over any other e-commerce site. For many, it’s a first (and one-stop) shop for the majority of online transactions.
  • Since it launched in 2015, the Amazon Echo has programmed its voice search program, Alexa, to learn over 30,000 skills. Such skills include responding to multiple languages, providing updates on current events, and even offering guided meditation to help users relax.
  • As of July 2020, Amazon has over 1,000,000 employees. Compare that to the minuscule 11 employees they had back in 1995.
  • To meet the needs of socially-distanced customers during COVID-19, Amazon tripled its grocery pickup locations and increased grocery delivery capacity by 160%.

How Can Your Business Take a Page Out of Amazon’s Book?

Now, Amazon’s success didn’t happen overnight; that’s pretty evident. And their success story is more the exception than the rule. But similarly ambitious companies can note their innovations and responses to customer needs to carve out plenty of success on their own. Take a peek at our suggestions below to get started mirroring Amazon’s success today—in a way that’s uniquely tailored to your business.

  • Address current events and shifts in consumer behavior. Many customers, especially millennials, prefer brands to take a stance on relevant political and social topics. Once you know your brand’s perspective, and consider weaving it into your marketing campaign. Of course, this also means knowing when not to get too vocal, at the risk of alienating your target demographic. Does this sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be. Consider, for example, voicing your commitment to cleanliness during COVID-19 and describing actions your business has taken to keep everyone safe.
  • Commit to the user experience. Whether that means making your landing page easier to navigate, ramping up on SEO, or promptly resolving customer service queries, UX is everything.
  • Make promises, and keep them. Do you promise delivery that’s even more exceptional and speedy than your competition? Conduct some competitor research so that you’re not just bluffing and can deliver on that promise. Do you quickly respond to customer queries, whether by phone, through email, or on social media? If not, flesh out your presence on all of the above. A high-quality product paired with responsible business practices is the formula for boosting conversions.

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