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Should You Revamp Your Email Marketing Strategy in 2019?

By Snap Agency January 24, 2019

At the turn of every new year, many people take the opportunity to set personal resolutions meant to improve some aspect of their lives in the next twelve months. For some, this may mean fostering better gym habits, or choosing to cook more meals from home instead of eating out. Others might focus on spending more time with family, or taking a new career step. At Snap, we think that the New Year provides a great opportunity to set bold goals for your business, too, like revamping your email strategy and improving your existing email templates. To get you started, we’ve created a guide that can help you evaluate and improve on your current strategy.

Do Email Marketing Campaigns Really Still Matter?

Despite the rise in innovative digital marketing channels (like social media), research shows that email marketing efforts still glean an average ROI of $44 for every $1 spent, and many marketing professionals continue to reap the benefits of this cost-effective strategy. In fact, 86% of B2B marketers still prefer to use email campaigns to optimize their growth potential and manage their businesses!

Thanks to improvements like specific budget dedication to digital marketing, better-informed audience targeting, and quality content creation, businesses can use email marketing campaigns to quickly and efficiently send personalized marketing materials to targeted portions of their consumer bases.

Leading Your Email Marketing Strategy Out of the Dark Ages

By 2021, an estimated $146 million will be spent on digital marketing annually. In order to cash in on this, your company needs a solid marketing strategy. With the countless digital platforms available, marketers have been forced to think smarter and to use different digital marketing tools to create an effective digital strategy. While the strategies themselves vary, smart digital marketers understand that email marketing can function as the backbone of a well-built digital marketing strategy.

The original digital marketing technique, email marketing has stuck around thanks to its longevity, adaptability, and proven ability to increase the ROI of those willing to put in the work to reap the rewards. In order to enjoy the benefits of email marketing, digital marketers must first learn strategies to help set businesses up for immediate (and long-term) success. The best way to begin updating your email marketing strategy is to recognize the potential power this type of marketing offers. A few simple tweaks to your campaigns can make them much more effective.

Use Your Email Marketing Campaigns as a Springboard to Share Other Content

Although recent technological developments have provided businesses with new and innovative ways to share content effectively, research shows that 95 percent of businesses still use email as their primary communicative platform. There is no better way to spread marketing-related content, such as important business announcements, team changes, or product details or reviews, etc., than through your main method of communication!

Reach More People More Effectively with Your Marketing Efforts

Research also shows that a large percentage of consumers still rely on email for their daily communication. In fact, one study reports that out of 2.6 billion people, 91 percent use email daily, and for 58 percent of those users, email is their first media “check” of the day. Even more staggering, 77 percent of those people prefer to receive marketing messages through email. The bottom line: a majority of internet users use email frequently and prefer to receive companies’ marketing messages through that avenue.

Learn More About Your Customer Base and Adjust Messages Accordingly

Technological advancements have simplified the process of personalizing promotional marketing messages in a variety of ways. Take advantage of these advancements! The more personalized your messages can become, the more your customer base will feel included in the content you promote (and be interested in receiving it). Now that we have the ability to dynamically change content based on the specific segmentation of our consumer preferences, we can give consumers the ads they want. Ads and offers are waiting around every proverbial corner; digital marketers must know their consumer base—and well—in order to create a personalized advertising experience that both pleases the shopper and improves the ROI for the marketer.

Don’t Forget About Your Existing Email Templates

Your best efforts to revamp your email strategy will fail if you rely on the same old message templates and expect new and improved results. Take the time to examine your existing templates for flaws, less-than-stellar content, or inconsistencies. By refreshing the look and tone of your templates, improving your call to action (CTA) statements, and making sure recipients feel included in your vision, your marketing materials and the templates used to share them will feel fresh, new, and inviting.

Take Your Email Marketing Revamp to the Next Level With Snap

Want another set of eyes to take a look at your templates, or an outside source to develop or improve your email marketing strategy? Call or message us today for guidance as you re-imagine your email marketing strategy and transform it into the envy of your competition. The digital marketing experts at Snap are eager to help your team develop new strategies or improve existing work to create the best possible email marketing strategy for your business!