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Snap Agency Announces Multiple New Hires

By Snap Agency July 12, 2018

Snap Agency welcomes three new hires to support its growing digital marketing team.


Snap Agency, a leading digital marketing agency based in Minneapolis, MN, is proud to expand its burgeoning team with three new employees.

“At Snap, we pride ourselves in hiring smart people and then getting out of their way,” says Spenser Baldwin, President of Snap Agency. “I was struck by the candor, curiosity and kindness of each of these talented people. All three are already creating value and helping our agency run more smoothly and strategically.”


Paige Deroma, Project Manager

Paige Deroma joins Snap Agency as a Project Manager. She brings over five years of project management experience to the team, having worked on multiple B2B and B2C accounts at Spyglass, a full-service brand marketing agency in Minneapolis. Paige’s chief responsibilities include optimizing employee utilization and managing project timelines and budgets.


Tiffanie Walentiny, Account Manager

Tiffanie Walentiny joins Snap’s team as an Account Manager. She has over three years of experience in account and communication management, having worked with reputable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, True Friends and NCSRCC. Tiffanie’s primary responsibilities include facilitating client goals and managing client relationships for website and branding projects.


Dylan Koltz-Hale, SEO Associate

Dylan Koltz-Hale joins Snap Agency as an SEO Associate. He brings a wealth of SEO and marketing skills to the team thanks to his degree in Communication & Media Studies and former experience as a Marketing Director for The Underland Project. Dylan’s core responsibilities include bolstering client backlinking profiles, analyzing the results of SEO campaigns, and examining SEO practices for Amazon e-commerce.


You can find more information on these team members at snapagency.com/best-at-digital/people.


About Snap Agency: Snap Agency is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the Twin Cities. The agency partners with B2B and B2C businesses spanning the country to develop comprehensive marketing initiatives that deliver maximum ROI. Snap’s services range from SEO and social media marketing to web development, design and branding, empowering clients with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of digital. For more information on Snap Agency and its range of leading-edge marketing services, visit snapagency.com.


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Name: Rachel Laitala

Position Title: Media Director

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