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Snap Agency Launches New Bumpidoodle Website

By Snap Agency September 13, 2013

Snap Agency recently redesigned and launched a website for the children’s plush toy company bumpidoodle. Bumpidoodle is a Minneapolis based company that produces children’s plush, stuffed pillows that are perfect for playtime or naptime. The products are light enough for little ones to carry them around, soft for cuddling and machine washable just in case they get a little messy.

Bumpidoodle came to Snap Agency in 2012 to develop a website, an ecommerce strategy and a social media campaign. Their strategy was based in three phases. Phase one was a website that supported their launch in Home Goods, Meijer and Target stores. Phase two was to develop the existing website to support sales on Amazon. The final phase was to design a new website that would allow consumers to shop directly from the bumpidoodle website. Snap is privileged to assist bumpidoodle in all aspects of their brand including product development, social media marketing, website development and an ecommerce strategy. We are also thrilled to be a part of the product development process that will eventually include children’s bedding, clothing and dishes.

The website was designed to be cute, playful and easy to navigate. The design is appealing to children and parents and features an interactive section that gives bumpidoodle fans the opportunity to connect with their favorite characters, learn more about the brand and integrate their social media channels. Most importantly, it is easy for the consumer to make a purchase.

You can learn more about bumpidoodle by visiting their website or connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.