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Snap Spotlight: Leo & Nicole

By Snap Agency August 21, 2014


This month’s Snap Spotlight shines on Leo & Nicole, a better clothing brand for women with a brand new website. Leo & Nicole emphasises focus on product quality, uniqueness, garment fit, and versatility.

What is the story behind Leo & Nicole?
TLB Holdings, Inc, Started in 2003. Located in Plymouth, MN, with a sales office in New York City and a design, production and warehouse in Los Angeles CA. Under owner and CEO, Tammy Boyd, TLB Holdings founded its very own clothing brand, Leo & Nicole in 2005.

Leo & Nicole both designs and manufactures the products they sell. The specialize in woman’s clothing, with a focus on sweaters and knits

What sets Leo & Nicole products apart from their competition?
Leo & Nicole’s process begins with high quality design and fabrications, resulting in clothing that is affordable. Leo & Nicole is also based in Plymouth, Minnesota, which is very unique for a clothing manufacturer. A vast majority are located on either coast.

What is Leo & Nicole’s culture like?
Our Associate Project Manager, Kellie, explains it best! “There are so many reasons I enjoy working at Leo & Nicole. For one thing, this company is smaller than most corporate offices. The other employees at Leo & Nicole are another reason to love working here. Since we are a smaller company, we are more of a family than a workplace. We all work together to get things done and everyone is ready to step in if assistance is needed. We as a company do ‘team bonding’ once a month. We will either volunteer, have office games, contests, or just have lunch together as a group. Having the opportunity to do such things as a company is really beneficial to the work environment and helps keep work fun!

Our CEO, Tammy, is wonderful to work for. There are not many companies with a CEO that is always so willing to hear your thoughts and ideas, and let you take them into action. Tammy always has an open door and lets us know that our ideas and concerns are welcomed. It’s easy to tell that Tammy is very passionate about what she does. Having a female CEO/Designer to look up to is very inspiring. She personally makes sure we are using the best of the best factories and she holds them to high standards through personally completed factory inspections, and rated inspection companies. For me, this has always been very important. It means a lot that we don’t enable factories practicing poor work ethics. This compassion is portrayed in our products. When you use the best factories, and have an extremely talented designer you just can’t go wrong. When I, or anyone who works Leo & Nicole see someone wearing our brand in public we can truly be proud and know that we are helping women everywhere feel beautiful and empowered!”

What are some great ways you’ve seen people wear your items?
Tammy herself has seen many woman in all parts of the world wearing clothing that Leo & Nicole designed and produced, our sweaters can be dressed up for work or worn with jeans on the weekends. She’s even seen one of her own sweaters worn as a beach cover up!

How has Snap helped grow Leo & Nicole?
Snap developed the Leo & Nicole website which is our premier brand.