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The Top PPC Changes and Trends of 2021

By Snap Agency December 2, 2020

A lot went into shaping 2020’s PPC trends: new technologies, consumer preferences, and a global pandemic, for starters. While many paid search specialists were prepared for the first two things on that list, they could hardly have predicted the third. If 2020 has taught us anything, we know it’s crucial to get a headstart on your PPC campaign long before the new year. That way, you have time to develop Plans B, C, and D should the year get completely flipped on its head again.

What do we predict will be the top PPC trends and changes as we enter 2021? We have some ideas. Let us know which ones you decide to implement as the year rounds out!

1. More Ad Placements on Instagram

Is it just us, or has there been a rise in Instagram ads lately? And have those ads become increasingly more personalized, to the point where the app knows you to a tee? Trick question; the answer is “yes” to both of the above. And how brilliant—with over 1 billion users and the average cost per click a mere $0.50 to $1.00, Instagram ads promise a far reach at an enticingly low cost.

PPC in 2021 means opening more ad placements on Instagram, through IGTV and even their new short video sharing service, Reels. We encourage you to experiment as such ad spots do become available, while continuing to invest in a good old story or feed ad, too. It’s not enough to know that your PPC ads do well on Instagram, generally speaking—you need to know where on Instagram they have the most success.

2. Audience Targeting With Google Ads

What would the new year be without some recent changes to Google Ads? In other words, narrowing down who you want to see your ad so that you don’t waste money on clicks from disinterested users.

Ask yourself: who is your target audience? Can you segment them by age, income, geographic location, or something else? Is your target demographic niche enough to warrant creating a Custom Audience on your Google Ad, based on keywords, URLs, and apps?

3. Bing

Look, Bing gets a bad rap. But you know what they say about underdogs: they push through and find success at unexpected moments. Point being, you should keep an eye on Bing in 2021, because boy, are they making some changes.

Most notably, Bing Ads rebranded itself as Microsoft Advertising, and is newly focused on audience targeting, data, and inventory. To ignore this search engine as you develop your PPC strategy means to miss out on 7.4 billion user searches per month. Best of all, Microsoft Advertising has no minimum fee, so don’t worry if you’re a little strapped for cash.

4. Integrated PPC & SEO

If ever there was a fantastic duo, it’s PPC and SEO. But how are these integrated, exactly? Typically, by analyzing which ad copy performs best and creating content around those ads. You can even go the opposite way and review which blogs or content performs well on your site, crafting ads that mirror those same messages.

Not swayed just yet? What if we told you that by tag-teaming SEO and PPC, you’d have access to the PPC Auction Insights Reports? In plain English, you get to use PPC tactics to target your competitors’ SEO keywords. Talk about an innovative approach!

5. Greater Emphasis on Remarketing

Ever do some casual online browsing, and decide to “wait and think on it” before making a purchase? Remarketing is all about reaching customers right around this time. Their interest is still high, but they might need a bit of gentle persuasion to follow through and buy your product after all. It’s the ultimate follow-up—the “hey, wait, are you sure you don’t want this item?” Even if your remarketed PPC ad doesn’t land you a sale, you’ll still be at the forefront of your prospective customer’s mind, which can mean conversions a day or two down the road.

But that’s not all! Remarketing is also pretty inexpensive. We’re talking four times lower cost than your average PPC tactic, and those are already reasonably priced to begin with. Just be sure you have a creative team on hand who can revamp those old ads in new and exciting ways.

6. PPC Optimized for Voice Search

Voice search capabilities get more and more robust every day. With 40 million Americans owning a smart speaker and counting, optimizing your PPC for voice search means a serious leg up on the competition.

Remember that we tend to conduct voice searches differently than we do a standard Google search. A Google search tends to be more fragmented (“Italian restaurant near me,” for example), while a voice search is often more conversational (“Alexa, find me a nearby Italian restaurant.”). Tailor your PPC keywords and keyword phrases to reach both the search engine and voice search users.

Make a Stunning PPC Campaign Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021

A top-performing PPC campaign means staying on top of changes and trends, no matter what curveballs the year may throw your way. (We’re looking at you, COVID-19.) At Snap, we eat, sleep, and breathe PPC, so we guarantee you’ll be in good hands if you make us your partner. Contact us today to get a headstart on your 2021 marketing.