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10 of The Best Tools For Connecting with Social Influencers

By Snap Agency September 21, 2016

Yes. It’s the renaissance of the influencer – and we’ve curated 10 of the best tools for connecting with social influencers. Do you need to connect with people in a particular industry and ask them to participate in your content marketing or social media campaign? It’s good to have a comprehensive toolbox to dive deep and spread the word wide.

Then get granular with our last suggestion – sometimes it takes getting your hands dirty, browsing directly and contacting people with just your brain and Google. Yes, digital marketing takes work. A combination of incredibly modern influencer tools, your brain, and a bit of hard work, might be the perfect blend.

Pitchbox Dashboard Screenshot - Tools to connect with influencers

1. Pitchbox – Reach out to influencers on whatever topic you’d like with templated e-mails


  • They give you pitches that you can use that are already written.
  • Search a particular topic and they’ll curate the bloggers by their website and their social profiles and e-mail.
  • They will allow you to create the template with personalized fields to get in touch with a lot of people at once without a ton of copy and paste.

Ninja Outreach - Influencer outreach tools

2. Ninja Outreach – E-mail templates, sortable, quick imports for big lists of links


  • Ninja Outreach will allow you to save every link on a page with those contacts for really quick turnaround to contact many people at once.
  • You can search for influencers by keyword on this platform as well.
  • You can filter by people who’ve had sponsored posts, hosted giveaways, and product reviews – deeply useful for people that are looking to implement a campaign that involves one of these things. If someone has done one of these things before on their site, they’re way more likely to be a potential partner for you.

Find your influence - Dashboard for influencers

3. FindYourInfluence – Powerful way to get connected with social influencers and bloggers

http://www.findyourinfluence.com (screenshot above is the influencer dashboard)

  • Used by larger brands like Budweiser, Lifelock, V8, MassageEnvy, Tylenol and Bacardi
  • Quickly connect with many bloggers at once and pay for them to review your product or participate in your campaign.
  • Create surveys for influencers to answer before inviting them to participate in your campaign


4. SwayGroup – Connect with niche bloggers


  • Heavy emphasis on Mommy Bloggers and Lifestyle Bloggers
  • Ability to use influencers to spread awareness with retweets or driving people to videos you’re trying to promote
  • Connect to a single high-influence blogger or many for a giveaway or sweepstakes

Little bird - Influencer outreach platforms reviews / tools

5. Little Bird – Find emerging trends and influencers for those trends


  • Define networks by hashtags, keywords, or topics – and see where two topic intersect in overlapping audiences.
  • Discover trends that are emerging and the people that are driving those emerging trends
  • Rank individuals so you know who to reach out to, and curate content on your social accounts that’s taking off on social directly from the platform.

BuzzSumo Dashboard - Identifying Influencers Tools and Reviews6. BuzzSumo – Find the most shared content and who’s creating it


  • Find the content that’s already performing really well  – and thus who is writing that content.
  • Identify influencers who are creating and sharing top content.
  • Get alerts based on keywords, authors and domains.

Scrunch Dashboard - Screenshot of the dashboard UI

7. Scrunch – Bookmark and connect with Influencers quickly


  • Curates top influencer accounts based on particular topics with a very sleak and modern interface
  • Shows influencer follower accounts and the last 4 things they’ve shared. Bookmark them and add your own notes.
  • Contact influencers right from the dashboard through e-mail or a direct link to their contact page.

Linqia Influencer Dashboard

8. Linqia – Pay influencers by the results that bring to your campaign


  • “Linqia says that it has so far identified more than 100 million unique “interest communities,” reaching 1 billion “enthusiasts,” to receive those messages.” according to TechCrunch
  • Access to many ‘low’ to ‘mid’ tier influencers – many with very dedicated followers none-the-less.
  • Influencers are paid by how active their communities are and to what extent they drive traffic for the brand.


9. Kloutt – Identify influencers by clear social metrics


  • Identify and contact people with clear metrics of success in engaging their audiences.
  • By offering influencers exclusive rewards, facilitate them sharing your content to their followers.
  • Receive a report that gives detail on what successes the influencer engagements have produced

10. Your brain, Google, and their contact Forms – Sometimes working with the right social influencers requires a bit of elbow grease

Now this one deserves a little bit more of an in-depth explanation or a how-to guide, but when it comes down to it – it just requires getting your hands dirty and reaching out to people directly after determining they’re the right fit for your campaign.

How do you determine whether someone is an influencer?

  • They have a large social following… but sometimes this is faked so…
  • They should have a very active social following (10+ likes and retweets on recent tweets, 100+ likes on Instagram posts – the more the better!)
  • They may have written a book. For some categories, this might bleed into other media like they have a popular album, movie or T.V. show.
  • They speak at events, and/or are generally about town in high profile ways.
  • *Each of these is not always the case, but generally a real influencer will have a couple of these.

How do you determine whether a particular influencer is right for your campaign?

  • They write, tweet or post things that are similar to the thing you’re trying to promote
  • The audience that they talk about on a regular basis would truly be interested in what you’re trying to promote.
  • Working with the influencer would feel sincere and natural and not contrived to their audience.

Authenticity isn’t just gigantic for Millennials, everybody appreciates when a promotion with an influencer doesn’t feel forced or artificial. Yes, there’s a little bit of contrived to every influencer campaign, but over-reaching in this regard might decrease the effectiveness of your campaign significantly. So be sure to pay close attention to the alignment of tone and messaging between the campaign and an individual influencers general mode.


Once again, the top 10 of the best tools for connecting with social media influencers will only work for you if you apply a little bit of your social savviness to the process anyways. These tools just accellerate the process – but always be human, friendly and do your best to add value to conversation and process.