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How Does Web Design Make You Money? ROI of Web Design [Infographic]

By Snap Agency June 23, 2016

We created this ‘ROI of Web Design’ Infographic partly because everybody will not profit from a website. If you have a business model in place that works on it’s own without a website, or if already have a proof of concept up with a site that’s making you money, you’ll likely find that a professional redesign when done with a conversion centric mindset at the heart that it will be worth it.

A simple way to determine the ROI of a web design project is:

Search Volume x Click Through Rate = Visits

Visits x Conversion Rate = Leads

(Leads x Closing Rate)x(Price – Delivery Costs) = Web Design ROI

The formula may be simple, but gathering the data make take you a little time. You can see that if you make a great site, hopefully both the visits will go up because of a great Web Design SEO strategy, and the Conversion Rate – or at least the # of conversions and the value of each lead will go up because more ideal clients or customers are finding and engaging with the website.


The ROI of Web Design Infographic