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2017 Best Places to Work in Minneapolis

By Snap Agency March 16, 2017

Snap Agency is honored to be named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Minnesota Business Magazine. Maintaining a work environment that’s productive and loads of fun is no mean feat, but we’re doing pretty well so far.

Here at Snap, we fervently believe that every challenge presents opportunities for growth and improvement, and that work philosophy lets us tackle new obstacles head-on with optimism and directness. Snap encourages the members of its tight-knit crew to be bold, honest, and intensely curious. We’re not afraid to accept mistakes, tell hard truths, or ask difficult questions. When you work at Snap Agency, you know exactly where you stand. Snap’s focus on transparency minimizes miscommunication, allows all of our employees to feel comfortable with voicing their opinions and giving feedback, and puts a swift end to workplace drama.

Another core aspect of Snap is its unique culture. We value innovation, passion, servant leadership, and—perhaps most importantly—having fun. That’s why we arrange monthly cookouts, invite employees to bring their dogs to the office, play friendly (and incredibly competitive) games of pool during lunch breaks, and always ensure that there’s at least one electric skateboard in the bullpen at all times. Another key component of Snap Agency is our unwavering dedication to clients. Our team does whatever it takes to guarantee that every business we work with meets (and sometimes exceeds) its marketing goals.

We’d like to congratulate all of the other companies that received this award. Snap admires and respects any organization that shares its commitment to creating satisfying and enjoyable workspaces.

If you would like to work with an eclectic team that excels at creative collaboration, growing businesses online, and balancing dog treats on snouts, then feel free to contact us today. We provide a variety of digital marketing services, including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Paid Media, and Web Design.