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It’s important for a customer or client to know that they're being heard, and that their opinions and thoughts are valued. Live engagement is a prime venue for developing and fostering relationships.


Social media is a great way to get the right people talking about your brand. These "right" people are known as social influencers, and if you get these people talking you get everyone talking.

Promotion & Content Creation

We create valuable and entertaining content that presents a fresh face for your brand on social on a regular basis. This means greater awareness for your brand personality and promotions.


Your company or brand is being discussed on social media whether you have an online presence or not. Are you hearing them? 

Social Media is an extension of your customer service, protection of your reputation, and enhancement of your brand awareness.  It’s hard to stay on top and ahead of all of the chatter when you have better things to do, such as running your business. Hiring Snap Agency to take on your social media strategy also means you can guarantee you are staying up to date on the latest strategy trends, platforms, and tools.

It is important for your clients and customers to know that they are being heard and their opinions are being valued. If you already have a positive social media presence, it is important to carefully curate and maintain the conversation. If you social presence is less than savory, it is important to dedicate some time to correct negative sentiment and leverage positive sentiment.

Imagine if you had to wait at a customer service desk for over 24 hours, or working with a brand or that had no customer service representative at all? It is critical to not only respond appropriately to negative social sentiment, but to respond period and quickly.

In a recent survey, 46% of people who tweeted at a company expected a response within one hour and 39% expected a response within 30 minutes. A timely response will help you effectively meet your business objectives. Increase positive sentiment exposure.

People are talking (er–typing). Partner up with Snap now to start supporting, engaging, and showing that you care!

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Leveraging the power of Social Media is a great way to get the right people talking about you and your brand. These “right” people are known as social influencers.

Snap leverages influencers through a number of different ways such as affiliates, quotes, tags, mentions, and content shares.

With affiliate programs anyone that would like to be an influencer of your brand can and it can be offered on your site. The benefit for influencers is that they can earn revenue through their platforms by sending consumers to your website for a percentage of the sale.Ways influencers drive traffic to your site can be through back-links, banner ads, or social shout-outs.

We also reach out to relevant influencers with high reach (follower base) to get a quotes for content. When published your content will be shared in front of a larger audience and reach people that may not know about you.

We always make sure to tag relevant resources. They will more than likely retweet, repost, share, or start a conversation that will lead to followers and engagement.

We invest into getting influencers to share our created content. This is a great way to build up relationships with thought leaders in the industry. This not only grows your social media reach and influence, but also enhances brand recognition and brand authority.

Promotion & Content Creation

Creating great content is a big part of your online digital strategy, but the other that is often overlooked, is content promotion. A few ways we do this is through social media platforms, influencers, and real time live engagement.

Publishing content on your website is not the final step. You must push that content out into the world! In order to maximize your reach, we need to create shareable and valuable content on your social media platforms consistently. We create content through our SEO strategies to promote through our social platforms.

If a potential customer searches for your business on a social platform and sees that you have not posted in a month, they could easily assume you went out of business or do not value your clients. Investing in a social media management agency will help you to plan out posts ahead of time and make sure that your brand is posting consistently with shareable content. It is important to project professionalism while making an emotional connection. Our goal is to provide value to anyone that would be encountering your brand.

We first understand what is important to your audience and how they use social media. Sharing great images and humor is universally the fastest way to connect via social media. Our strategy is to develop content designed to appeal to your audience, using targeted advertising to increase exposure for the content and the brand, while carefully managing social media reviews. Our goal is to drive awareness for your brand, while helping customers understand how much care.

Another part of our social content strategy is social paid advertisements. With Snap’s community management team, you will receive customized campaigns built around your internal capabilities, target audience and revenue goals. Our years of experience in building brands through social has taught us to move beyond simple buzz. We leverage SEO, target specific segments of your audience and start relevant conversations that generate support, likes, shares, and engagements.

Did you know that the two largest social media sites in the United States are publicly-traded companies? That means that they need to make money to keep their investors happy! As a result, social media advertising continues to grow as a marketing channel for companies. With social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, making it more and more difficult for businesses to reach their desired audience organically, it has become imperative to run social ads.

But here’s the good thing! With the right partner to manage your social media advertising strategy, social ads can be extremely effective. You can drive engagement and earn followers without wondering, “is anyone even seeing my posts?” It also has important implications for SEO. Promoting your valuable content to your target audience using social ads has been shown to increase backlinks to your website which, in turn, improves your organic search rank for relevant keywords.

Social Media Marketing - Minneapolis

See how social media can attract fans.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing





Social media is one of the easiest ways to promote your content and get in front of people. An active and engaging social page creates credibility, builds a loyal following of brand advocates and sends signals of relevancy to search engines.

There’s nothing worse than researching  a brand and finding an abandoned page or platform. It immediately screams you are out of business! Not only is social media a platform to leverage your brand and voice but it increases your SEO rank. And if you decided we’re going to do this together, I guarantee you will see a boost in site traffic.

During our discovery phase, our team will conduct a full audit of your current social media standing. We’ll also find out who’s talking about you, where your audience is hanging out and what opportunities exist for you and your brand.

Social media can be a place for your community to learn about your brand, serve as a customer service tool and keep your product or service on the top of their minds. Now that around two-thirds of all global Internet shoppers conduct research before purchasing a product, it’s what you need to implement to survive.

We will meet with you to discuss your goals, creating a customized strategy that will reach your target audience on the right social media channels. Your audience is talking, we need to direct that conversation towards your brand. Partner with Snap, an award-winning social media team in the Twin Cities.


Once we have done our homework, it’s time to optimize your platforms. A carefully managed social presence allows us to monitor and control the experience a potential or current customer has when they encounter your brand. It is important to project professionalism while making an emotional connection. Our goal is to provide value to anyone that would be encountering your brand.

If not already done, we set up your channels, install web analytics and work with our web design team to ensure cross-promotion on your site through your social media.

We set up keywords to monitor what is being said about you, within your industry and your competitors. We respond to and interact with relevant comments or questions.

We work closely with our SEO team to ensure we are creating content on your website that not only increases SEO traffic but brings value to your readers. We will not only promote these pieces of content but killer ideas such as contests, sales, giveaways, letting us snag followers left and right. We’ll layout our ideas in the form of a content calendar to ensure enough content is being pushed at the right times all while leaving enough time for real time live engagment.

If you’re looking for an award-winning team to help you with your social media marketing, then look to us. Snap takes the preparation of your social media seriously. We’ll prepare a discovery document that will display our recommendations simply.


You’ve set up your social profiles, you have posted enough content to feel comfortable and have gained enough followers to look cool so you think you can kick back and relax because you are done, right? Think again!

Now’s the time to leverage your platforms, which means…support, engage, engage, and engage! Did I mention engage?!

After our discovery process where we define our target audience and optimized your existing platforms, we kick off your social media strategy. Whether you want social promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other site, we are experts at harnessing the power of online communities.

We’ll get people talking about your brand online. Social media has huge implications on your influence and SEO score. The more followers you achieve, means the more loyalty you build, which makes you more money. You can only achieve more followers though if you’re constantly producing high-quality content that will get noticed by Google.

Weekly interaction time is essential to building a community. Once the core audience has been recognized, we determine the social networks they are most likely to frequent and reach out to them based on the content they are sharing in their social circles. This helps us create personalized connections with those in the audience who could become lifelong customers.  

From fun contests to nail-biting giveaways, we’ll mobilize your audience into converting towards your brand. Social media isn’t just for posting pictures and then seeing who it reaches. No, there is are specific areas and people that you want to speak with.

Through social media management and advertising opportunities, we propel your social pages into your audience’s news feeds. We communicate with your followers to build brand loyalty. We run contests and promotions to engage them. We share relevant information to keep them coming back. Your reach is growing and people are responding.


We want your friends, and your friends’ friends to know, follow, and like you. Which means, we are constantly measuring data, watching social trends, and are in the know about the latest and greatest tools to use for your accounts.

We run reports on a weekly basis so that we have an understanding of what is happening in your social communities. On a monthly basis we tabulate and share results so that you understand the data we are using to make adjustments to the strategy.

At Snap, we never stop measuring the results of your social strategy and pushing you to places or platforms that might even scare you.

We’ll see the types of posts that are working, the best times of the day to communicates, where your audience lives online and more. We pivot our strategy based on where we’re seeing success so that you brand continues to grow on social media. If you need a custom social strategy, then you’ve come to the right place.

Snap has been in the business of improving social media before Facebook. Remember Friendster? Well, after years of practice in honing our social skills, we’ve expanded into many other territories. We’ll group our social services with any other marketing services to ensure you see success. Get started by clicking below.