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How to Run a Showstopping Social Campaign

By Snap Agency April 16, 2019

Social media marketing campaigns offer unparalleled opportunities for businesses to increase engagement, grow social followings, and ramp up brand visibility. Did you know that 90 percent of marketers believe that social media marketing plays a crucial role in increasing business exposure? Another 66 percent think that spending at least 6 hours on their social media campaigns and presence per week has drastically increased their number of leads. No matter what product, service, or offer you’re promoting, social media marketing is a powerful tool that can strengthen your overall strategy and boost your social media ROI. Here’s how to run a successful campaign.

The Keys to Social Success

Strategizing, running, and maintaining a successful social media marketing campaign takes careful planning and dedication to produce the best possible results. A digital agency like Snap can help you plan and execute top-notch campaigns—but if you’re set on doing things yourself, it is possible to increase your social media ROI using better tools, strategies, and follow-through. As you prepare for your next social campaign, keep these crucial factors in mind.

Concrete Goals

Would you ever get in your car and start driving without a destination in mind? Probably not. Planning to reach specific goals from the start of your social marketing campaign will put you in a much better place to produce those optimal results. If you don’t have a clear end point in mind, you may find your campaign going off the rails, leading you to waste time and resources that could be better spent on other areas. Start your planning process off by settling on numerical goals, such as a certain amount of new followers or a realistic increase in engagement rate.

Target Audience

Even if you know the desired result of your upcoming social campaign, you’ll be stalled at the starting gate without intimate knowledge of who your target audience is, what their most immediate needs are, and how your product, offer, or service best meets those needs. Consider partnering with a digital marketing agency to better engage with and activate your customer base.

Smart Content Strategy

After you’ve established your campaign goals and who you’ll be marketing to with that campaign, it’s crucial to figure out both how to most effectively communicate your message and settle on which social channels will be the best fit for this particular venture. For example, if your target audience is Millennials or Gen Zers, consider straying from more “traditional” marketing tactics like print ads or email campaigns and utilizing more current social marketing methods like influencer marketing or new platforms like Vero to communicate your message to the right people.

Measurable Results

Measuring social marketing ROI should be an essential part of every social media campaign you run. With 7 out of 10 Americans spending time on social media these days, your brand needs to be visible on popular social sites, whether through ads or content creation. Be sure your marketing team has a social expert, or consult a digital agency that specializes in social media marketing. Check out our blog post on measuring social ROI for tools and tips to help effectively gauge the success of your current funnels, and to identify areas that could benefit from improvement.

Time and Resources

Social media marketing doesn’t work in the same way that traditional advertising works. Successful brands use social platforms to actually talk with their social connections and generate buzz. By actually engaging with connections, you can directly source data from your consumers and tailor your marketing efforts toward the trends and changes they want to see. People don’t want to be talked at or obviously pitched to—they want to feel as though they have a genuine connection with another person. If your social campaign will rely heavily on engagement, make sure you have the time and manpower in place to actively engage with your customers and positively maintain your social presence for the duration of the campaign. This may mean responding in the comment section of posts, featuring audience submissions, or running contests.

Ready, Set, Run with Snap

Now that you’re armed with some helpful tips for planning, running, and maintaining a showstopping social campaign, it’s time to implement it. Although Snap boasts years of experience helping businesses effectively market their products, offers, and services, we understand that twinge of nervousness (and excitement!) that hits just before the launch of a big campaign. Your brand is your baby, and our goal is to make sure you can be 100 percent confident that every campaign you run will contribute to the success of your company. If your next social campaign needs a little help, contact Snap today. It would make our social media marketing wizards’ day to hear from you and start brainstorming ways to make your next campaign your best one yet!