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What Does an SEO Agency Do?

By Snap Agency April 13, 2017

Creating a website can be a relatively easy process if you’re one who grew up with computers attached to their fingertips. Plus, there are plenty of platforms that will walk you through each step. Even if you have no internet experience, you can probably get a workable site online in an afternoon’s work.

But is creating your own website enough? If you’re a business owner, can you learn and implement your own internet marketing strategies? Or should you hire a professional firm?

Let’s take a look at what an SEO agency does and if their services are something your business will benefit from.

You’ve Built Your Site, Now What?

The problem is this: Building a website is really only the start. You need to build a web presence — and doing so involves content creation, social media management, keyword analysis, mobile optimization and much more.

The entire process is called Search Engine Optimization. There’s not really one way to do it. Instead, your brand and your target audience will dictate the best marketing approach.

The purpose of optimizing your site is to increase your ranking in the search results (where does your site appear in Google results?). Major search engines rank sites according to a variety of factors that signal the site’s ability to provide info relevant for a search query.

Understanding how to create content that search engines respond to is the job of SEO professionals. There’s not a huge margin for error, either. Your business basically needs to be on the first page of the search results. Up to one-third of all internet users don’t go past the first page when searching for a product.

There’s a lot of competition for that first-page real estate. You’re unlikely to get there without help. This is where a professional SEO agency makes all the difference.

The Professional Approach

So, how do you go from step one to page one? First, you have to find the right SEO agency. The ideal agency will:

  • have experience in your industry
  • be easy to reach
  • possess technical SEO knowledge
  • be creative

Almost every SEO agency offers a free consultation. This is where you’ll have a personal consultation with a member of the sales team. After listening to your needs, the team will present you with a plan of action tailored to your needs.

If the price, services and company culture are a good fit for your business, then you’re ready to begin.

Optimizing Your Site

Do you already have an existing website? Maybe some social media pages, too? That’s great. Your new SEO agency will take a look at where you are, what strategies are working and what needs improvement. This process is called an SEO audit.

After the audit is complete, you’ll meet the team in an on-boarding meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss your business history, key goals and project plan. You’ll also be introduced to your account manager. He or she will be your main point of contact during the entire process to ensure your needs are being met and exceeded.

Web Redesign

The first changes you’ll see are to your website. If necessary, the design of your site will be updated. Aside from aesthetics, all design changes are made with page loading speed and user experience in mind. Your page needs to load as fast as possible.

Changes to the copy on your website might be made, too. The SEO firm will analyze your keywords. Implementing the right keywords in your site’s copywriting helps signal to the search engines what your page is all about. Finding the right keywords involves a deep dive into Google Analytics.

Beyond a Home Page

Your home page is important, but it’s also just one factor. Your new SEO team will also make specific changes to your entire e-commerce operation.

Your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages will be re-evaluated and possibly adjusted. Profile pages on your social media platforms will be rewritten to include keywords, contact info and more detailed descriptions.

Email campaigns might also be created. A series of emails will be written that slowly introduce your brand to potential customers.

Refine, Alter and Succeed

Effective SEO isn’t the result of just a one-time action. The impact of every optimization strategy will be carefully tracked and analyzed. If a strategy isn’t working well, it might be changed or dropped entirely. If a strategy is working well, additional tweaks might be made so that the strategy will work even better.

You’ll receive custom reports at least once a month. They’ll show you concrete data about what’s working and why. The main goal is always to increase conversions, e.g., newsletter signups, product purchases, white paper downloads, etc. A professional agency will use a combination of content marketing, search engine optimization, paid ads, social media management and more.

You need a professional team of SEO experts in your corner. Are you thinking about hiring an SEO agency to boost your brand on the web? Ask your questions below. We’re happy to help explain the entire process of working with an SEO firm.