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Responsive Web Design

Minneapolis Web Design with purpose. You want your user to have a great experience no matter what devices they choose to view your website on. We create mobile friendly, responsive websites every time.


We drive traffic, but also have a long history of building websites that convert by serving your best customers with unique offerings. We build sites to sell your products and services.


From Mall of America’s Blog, to mid-sized businesses like Copycats Media, our website design and development services can be tailored to fit your needs and get results.

5-Step Approach to Web Design

Snap’s approach is extensive. In order to visually communicate the most important aspects of your brand, we must know everything about your brand. Inside out and upside down.

It starts with our extensive discovery process where we layout everything from digital goals and performance, to site issues and actionable recommendations. Next, our internal analysis team completes wire frame drafts to optimize your new website infrastructure. From there, our designers roll their sleeves up and get to work.

The Snap design process will produce structured results through use of data-backed decisions. No design element will be added without purpose as your site goes through several drafts, including responsive. Once the design has been approved by you, our developers take over. They create a seamless user back-end experience for maximum usability. Once everything is in place, your website is launched into the world, ready to storm the Internet as the newest, coolest and best positioned website around.


Our team has completed more than 2,700 projects.


Responsive Web Design

More than 30% of web traffic originates from mobile and tablet devices. Is your website working for them? If you’ve ignored responsive web design up ’til this point, it’s time to get up to speed. The traditional solution for mobile is a separate website altogether called an ‘m-dot’ site. That trend has shifted. Responsive web design is dominating the mobile landscape.

What is responsive design?

This approach to web design creates flexible page layouts that adjust to the screen size of the device that is viewing the site. With responsive web design, you build one website. Your business saves time and money while also creating a more seamless environment online for your brand.

How do I make the switch to responsive?

It’s not too difficult. See that button below? Go ahead and use it to contact us. We’ll walk you through the process of making your website responsive. The end result will be a beautiful home for your brand online that looks great on whichever device is being used.

We’re the shop with Search Engine Optimization and Conversion at the center of design process. 

E-commerce Web Design

Snap knows ecommerce like no one else. We’ve been doing it for almost 12 years with our sister companies under Probus Online. By building and managing seven online stores, Snap grew out of a digital grassroots success story and decided to build an ecommerce web design empire.

Whether your project requires WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce or even backend API’s, we’re always ready to provide the same expertise to your stores that we used to develop ours. Many shops around the Twin Cities unfairly favor the front-end experience, simply because they don’t have the depth of knowledge that our ecommerce development team has.

Full Service eCommerce Design at Your Fingertips

Snap offers full-service web design and development, ready for anything from front-end design, operations and logistics and even customer service. We have the unique ability to create a unified design for all website visitors and flawless back end usability for employees. Now, any of your departments can start designing their own pages!

We have designers on tap that are passionate about creating effective, beautiful, and conversion-centric websites on the most appropriate platform for your project. Contact the experts at Snap now to see how we can partner together to create a truly memorable eCommerce experience.


More than a decade in the E-Commerce space.


Custom Web Design

Snap is the leader in custom web design solutions for your interactive or development project. Creating memorable experiences through digital innovations, Snap’s award-winning design and development team is unmatched in the Twin Cities.

From striking visuals, and clearly laid out web strategies, we show the world what makes your business special. We delve into the nitty-gritty of why your business is different – and better – than your competitors. Visually communicating your core value propositions is paramount in crafting a unique digital message.

Snap: The Original Digital Storytellers

Call it online storytelling. Call it being the change we want to see in the world. Call it passion for design. We believe that a website shouldn’t be confined to the conventions of a pre-installed template. No matter what type of website design you have in mind, we’ll make it happen, and we’ll make you shine. Snap may not be the agency with the top 5 floors of a downtown office high rise. But, our custom design team is able to work more efficiently, all while being able to give more attention to you, the client.


Before we take on any web design project, we do our homework. Our discovery phase is all about learning everything that we can about your company and project goals. We talk to your marketing team, IT and other stakeholders to understand their pain points for the current website and what they’d like to see in the new build. We’ll understand what makes your brand stand out.

We perform a full audit of your existing site for usability and SEO so that we keep what’s working and improve upon what’s not. We talk with current and potential clients of yours to understand how they use your site and what they’d like to see. After all, the mark of any successful site is an ability to match user desires with business needs.

What’s the end result of such an extensive learning process? A discovery document that can range from 30 to 100+ pages. Each one of our teams goes in and one by one populates their educated recommendations and all the research that lead them to an idea. This document becomes our roadmap for the rest of the project, detailing our findings and recommendations for every aspect of the new website.

We provide you with a digital and hard copy of this in-depth document, and walk you through our recommendations and justifying research. Throughout our entire process, this document will be your reference guide for all marketing decisions Snap makes.


Following the full documentation of your brand, objectives and goals, we set out to design the infrastructure of your website. Website architecture examines the technical and aesthetic aspects of your website to determine the best functionality for your end users. When it comes to website design, putting a proper plan in place is of the utmost importance in gaining traffic.

Because of Snap’s history in ecommerce, we are able to decide which aspects of your website – be it content, usability, interactiveness or sales – should be the focus. Our information architecture team has more than a decade of experience examining, recommending and sitemaps for better web experiences. Putting the brand front and center and letting the user make the desired actions.

Information architecture relies on the intellectual discipline of website categorization. Web design focuses on the individual tasks associated with the design of your website. Both focus on UX and UI best practices, as modern web design requires the user be put first. In this day and age, the consumer has more power than ever, and with all the competition that exists, requires a great digital experience with your brand.

Whether you’re focusing on custom design, responsive design or ecommerce design, Snap will move website components to the right places, bringing your digital presence into the 21st century and beyond. As we move into the design phase, rest assured that everything will be in the appropriate place, ready to maximize your conversions.


Now that we know everything about the look and functionality of the new website. It’s time to create. This is the fun part, as we’ll take all the information that we learned in our Discovery phase, and transform them into an interactive website. We start with the bare bones of the website’s hierarchy, creating a sitemap that details the relationships between all of your web pages.

A sitemap lays out the location, URL and structure of your entire website. Our Internal Analysis team goes through painstaking lengths to document and expose the weak areas, while recommending improvements. By the time they’re finished, we’ll have the ideal site framework customized for your business and industry.

We then start filling in the pieces by creating wireframes for your core web pages. These visualize where essential page elements will be positioned. Before we build anything, we want to ensure that every single part of your website serves a functional purpose. From the homepage all the way to the check out page, our team envisions the conversion path and builds your site around innovative ideas that only an award-winning design team can accomplish.

Finally, our web designers create something beautiful. Interactive, mobile, tablet, desktop – you name it. Our design team is as versatile as it is successful. Whatever digital solution you’re searching for, we’re the original authority in all things digital.


Now the website’s design looks great. But what good is a pretty website if it doesn’t work or can’t be updated? Taking the website’s skeleton and design elements, our web developers bring functionality to the new website. Their determined spirit is what put Snap on the map a few years ago.

As long as you have a contract with Snap, our expert developers will constantly monitor your site to ensure maximum performance. If somewhere along the lines, you need to dissolve our relationship, then we’ll set up an easy-to-use behind the scenes platform that even a novice can figure out. Whatever you need to be successful on your new website is what we want to provide you with. That’s the Snap treatment we’re known for.

Next, our web developers go into work mode. They spend all day and night programming your new site, implementing custom code for maximum response. Every functionality is tested and re-tested to meet our exclusive best practices for web development, honed through years of personal trial and error.

We’ve been developing the back ends of our own ecommerce stores for more than a decade, and you know the old saying: Experience is the most brutal of teachers. And after 11 years, she’s definitely had time to whip us into shape. Moving truckloads of products daily, we have become masters among digital marketing agencies.


With the website’s design and development in place, there’s only one thing left to do. Launch that baby! With a formal launch of your site, you can start promoting it through your social channels and online communities. This will draw some attention to your new easy-to-navigate, user-first website, getting it off the ground.

With that being said, a lot can potentially go wrong when a new website goes live. Our Web development team makes sure it all goes smoothly. We comb through your site to address technical problems, ensuring that your site is easily found by users and search engines alike.

Our involvement doesn’t end at launch. We want to continue working with you to provide ongoing support and marketing services. After all, you just got a new website and you should be able to use it. From SEO updates to code improvements, our full-service offerings will leave you with a respected website that will give competitors something to be jealous of.

If you’re ready for a website makeover, you’re in the right place. We’re confident that our award-winning web designers will make a great addition to your team. Let our website geniuses build the site you’ve been dreaming of. Web Design you can get excited about.