Deep Content Strategy

Get ready for content that exemplifies your brand, your know-how and all you have to offer.

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Content that Converts

Landing pages, service pages, articles and infographics—content that reaches your audience in all sorts of ways.

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Process and Proofreading

We aren't robots spittin' out content. We research, write, proofread and edit all of your tailored content to get the best results possible.

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Scream your brand from the rooftops, Or Mountain tops, Or the Moon top, Just Scream it.

While Snap has been virtually perfecting how to land you on page one of Google for more than a decade, we haven’t forgotten the importance of sticking pencil to paper. Our search engine marketing strategies don’t only come bundled with the wisest PPC campaigns and SEO prowess, but we have the best wordsmiths this side of the Mississippi. Or the other side, for that matter.

Our in-house writers spend the time to fully research you. Or, for the sake of sounding less creepy, we research your brand, website and mission. Snap’s content marketing masterminds stationed in our St. Louis Park headquarters dig into the meat of your brand to scream your business’ voice so it echoes off every corner of the internet. We cover the proverbial gamut from serious to sassy—medical terminology to footloose and fancy-free kidstuff.

Whatever your market, we can light it up with our comprehensive content marketing strategies. Snap’s tightly knit band of SEM warriors has had a hand in an impressive spectrum of industries with success in all of them. We can finally give you the peace of mind that you’ll see results with our full-service digital agency.

Deep Content Strategy

Content marketing is just blogging, yeah?

No. Nein. Nee (that’s “no” in Dutch). Content marketing is like a big, all-encompassing hug. It’s an SEO strategy that doesn’t simply include blogging. In fact, blogging is just the tip of the content iceberg! What’s more, Snap approaches blogging differently than you might expect.

When you hear the word “blog,” you probably think of those cutesy cooking blogs that are primarily pictures of a single macaron cast in washed lighting next to some strategically placed hand-thrown mug or something. While that is blogging, we’re talkin’ more about heavy-handed mumbo jumbo.

Blogging for SEM purposes is:

  • Well-researched
  • Branded
  • Localized
  • SEO friendly
  • Proofread
  • Awesome

Blogging can become a chore and, if your website even includes one, often falls by the wayside. An abandoned blog is as sad a sight as an abandoned theme park left for dead: What was once full of life and laughter is now left to the buzzards. The same goes for if your website’s blog is off-trend. Whether abandoned or off-topic, a dud of a blog tells searchers that you just aren’t on top of your game. Snap’s content marketing may be just what the SEO doctor ordered.

Content that Converts

What comes in Snap’s cornucopia of content marketing?

  • Blogs
  • Landing Pages
  • Service Pages
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Lists
  • How-to Guides

Our Process

While you may think scribing Minnesota’s finest web content is a nimbly-dimbly process, it’s not. Our content strategy is a finely tuned machine that begins with our Discovery phase. Snaps proprietary Discovery document is a comprehensive audit that takes a deep, insightful look in, under, around and through your website. It investigates everything from SEO to social media and proposes tailored solutions for implementation.

The Discovery also digs into content. Your content. The beacon that draws the moths to the flame. Or, in our case, draws the moths through the conversion funnel.

The conversion funnel is the ideal path for searchers to follow. Through clever use of total SEO, your content can draw in those who are asking general short-tail questions and can turn them into conversions, whether those conversions are purchases, newsletter signups, or whatever goal you may be after. By crafting content on your website that quenches informational and investigative thirsts, the anonymous droves behind search engines everywhere will be exposed to your business multiple times throughout their search progress, learn tons about you, and likely turn into a searcher who takes action.

Process & Proofreading

From the inception of  your content strategy to the final touches in proofreading, your copy goes through our tried and true process of crafting quality content for you.

Sample Content Calendar

Content calendars will integrate an appropriate mix of content for your blogs, articles, investigative niche content, socially shareable copy, and specific product/landing/service pages. Content planned within our strategic content calendar is meant to propel searchers through the conversion funnel, which boosts your credibility and visibility all around the web.

Write, write, write

A strategic content calendar is created to meet your needs before any content is actually written. When it comes to writing, though, we do a stellar job. Our in-house writers meticulously plan and research your content and how it will appeal to searchers and your audience. We seamlessly work in keywords, locations and demographic information you need to target to garner clicks, views and conversions. If your website is lacking in content, let our seasoned Snap writers whip something up for you.

Full-service proof reading

Nothing bleeds out credibility like egregiously poor grammar. Snap can fix that. Don’t know where to stick that apostrophe? Semicolons got you down? Formatting look like a Tasmanian devil took a spin through your site? Don’t sweat it. Our eyes have you covered.

Our writers are well-versed in AP style (our industry standard) and can ensure your finished written product is fully proofread and edited. We’re also pretty darn good at abiding by your very own brand bibles. Whether we write it or you provide it, we can sift through your site with a fine-toothed comb and pluck out your typos. Nothing grinds our gears more than the incorrect use of their, there and they’re, so let’s work together to ensure you look especially brilliant through your website’s grammar.

Our Approach to Content Marketing

Our copywriters work hard to always function as an extension of your brand. Through innovative tactics and creative wordplay, they craft compelling copy that is guaranteed to connect with your target audience. Fulled by coffee and a passion for the written word, they can usually be found pouring over their computers writing the next big thing in content marketing. Comments and feedback are always welcome as they craft your company's online presence through thought-provoking content. From landing pages to blog posts, if you need it written our team of copywriters is on it.


Landing Pages written to date


Average words written each month


Arguments about the Oxford comma (so far)

4 Keys to epic content marketing

  • How does your company help people? That’s the first question you’ll hear from our team of SEO strategists. We have to believe in your business before we can help you. We meticulously learn who you are as a business, your current standing and where you want to end up. The more we know, the better our ideas are and the bigger we make your business. Our learning phase lets us understand your brand on a personal level. Once we understand your marketing vision, the research begins.

    We do a deep dive into the search landscape before building your SEO strategy. We uncover crucial data related to search behavior, industry trends, and keyword analyses. We continue our research with an SEO audit of your current website. This lets us know what tactics you’re employing, how we can improve upon them and define the opportunities that you’re missing.

    Inside of our discovery document we provide a full assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Our Google Analytics certified team dives into every crevice of your online presence from analytics reporting, to SERP appearance, and off-page ranking opportunities.  This document becomes the layout for your entire project and a reference point for all decisions made thereafter.

    We compare what we’ve learned about the search landscape for your industry against the positioning of your website. Our Minneapolis SEO team prioritizes the best practices that need to be checked off the list, then conducts a massive brainstorming session where are big ideas are born. This is passed through the hands of each one of our teams to ensure quality and accuracy.

  • Armed with your pre-determined goals for our project and our internal research, we now know all we need to know to prepare your custom SEO strategy. In our preparation stage we define all tactics that will be used to generate traffic from organic sources. These will range from building high-quality content to measuring your conversion rate and everything in between.

    We build you a customized content strategy. We set up your analytics tracking to measure success with clean, unbiased data. We identify the web pages that need some technical attention. With the established timeline we develop through our meetings, we’ll be ready to push forward in the right direction. We’ll use our proven digital audit to understand how your digital marketing currently stands, how it should be and how it can be.

    We then start to fill in the cracks by pouring over volumes of analytic data to find problem areas and top performers. Our Google-certified Analytic experts are more like detectives, uncovering hidden treasure buried deep in your website. With your own team of human calculators, you’ll be reassured by the numbers and never feel like a strategy is going haywire.

    Whether it’s ranking for a keyword, building content for your target audience or improving meta data, our Minneapolis SEO team will unlock the winning combination of tactics to get your website to the top of the results pages in no time.

  • Here is where we’ll bring those big ideas into a digital reality. This is where the rubber meets the road and the path to digital marketing success begins for your company. Our SEO team checks of our exclusive list of best practices immediately and then the fun part kicks off.

    A big aspect of SEO is content marketing. Distributing high-quality content at a large rate is possibly the best strategy for any business big or small. This shows search engines that you are a real business, a thought-leader in your industry and worth ranking. Our content marketing team is as crafty as they are creative. They’re able to look at data and come up with creative solutions to your SEO problems.

    Content marketing is just one piece of the puzzle. The SEO services that we employ in your strategy may include everything from content marketing, technical SEO, link marketing, web designsocial media marketingecommerce SEO to local SEO. All of our services are tailored to meet our client’s goals.

    We’ve been in the SEO industry since 2003, and have no plans of stopping now. We are the original authority in search engine marketing and will have your website moving up the search engine rankings fast. So, now we’re chugging along with the right strategy in place. You’re seeing progress, but you’re wondering how we’re going to continue making the best moves. That’s where the next step comes in.

  • We’re a data-driven digital marketing agency. Our Minneapolis SEO experts are all Google-certified. Like we said, we don’t make any SEO strategy decisions without consulting the data first. With our strategy in place and following the launch of your campaign, we need to make sure those numbers are showing us what we want to see.

    With that said, we know that the numbers don’t lie. Sometimes the strategy we come up with goes awry. That’s just an excuse for us to learn from our mistakes, start fresh and work smarter the next time. By holding ourselves accountable to the web analytics, we turn that wrong thought into the right move. Measure and refresh. That’s the key to a successful SEO strategy.

    Our involvement doesn’t end at inception. We’ll be there for you throughout the duration of your contract, ensuring that every one of your SEO needs are met. Whether it’s creating a piece of content for quick distribution on your social channels, or fixing meta tags within your website’s code, Snap will bring your digital marketing tactics into 2014.

    If you’re looking for some help from the original authority in everything SEO, then your search ends with Snap. A full-service Minneapolis marketing agency, we can combine our SEO services with Web design, social media, pay-per-click or whatever it is that fits your budget and goals. Ready to be ranked with the best of ’em? Get started with a click below.

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