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6 Ways to Use the Rest of Your Marketing Budget Before Q4 Ends

By Snap Agency September 11, 2018

Uh oh. The end of Q4 is upon us… and you still have some of your marketing budget left! No need to panic, we’ve put together a list of some great options for you to get some beneficial marketing initiatives accomplished before you lose the rest of your 2018 advertising budget to the new year.

At Snap, we enjoy working with clients to help them meet their digital marketing needs by working with them extensively to understand their business, service and product offerings, and consumers. With over 150 clients and growing, we have the experience to help you take your digital marketing pursuits to the next level.

Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit involves looking at each one of your strategies and how well they are performing or how well they are being maintained. Audits are important because they can bring to light kinks in your online presence, as well as update old information. Overall, they have the potential to lead to a more impactful marketing strategy.

An audit should focus on, at the very least, these four areas: content marketing, social media performance, website performance, and SEO. For content marketing, find out which articles and what topics attract the most users and created the most engagement. Get rid of old blogs or update them with newer data.

In terms of your social media, look at your traffic from your social media pages, how many followers have you gained, what type of engagement are you seeing, and evaluate if you are responding to questions in the comment sections or through private messages promptly?

For your website, what pages are leading to conversions, which are receiving longer views, when are users bouncing off your page, and what is the overall traffic you are seeing as compared to past years?

Check out your SEO rankings and audit which keywords are performing the best. Look at the past year’s trends and make some predictions about the coming year. Do you have the SEO foundation to support what your customers will be looking for it 2019?

PPC Ads and Social Ads

Bolster your awareness through last-minute, but well-thought-out PPC and social ads. Because these ads are cost efficient, you should have no trouble at all using some leftover resources to create some ads that can lead to conversions.

With your ads, advertise some of your company’s best and most successful offerings of the year. You’re better off trying to bring more attention to what is already working rather than trying to right the ship of some of your weaker areas. Save that for next year’s marketing strategy.

Additional Blogs

Adding on to your content marketing by writing more blogs is another great way to spend your excess budget. With the new year incoming, write some articles based on some 2019 trends for your industry. Or, write some supplementary articles to some of your best blogs (those that saw the most traffic and engagement). Content marketing is here to stay and is a great way to get users to your site and to position yourself as an industry leader. Consider applying your leftover funds to make your blog that much better.

Assess Your Audience Personas

The end of the year is a good time to look at your customers and the audience personas that you’ve created for them. Throughout the year, you’ve probably gained some new consumer insight. Dive into that info and see if there are any areas of overlaps in your personas where you could kill two birds with one stone. Or, perhaps the information you’ve learned in 2018 can help you create a new customer persona altogether. Use your end of the year budget to solidify your customer profiles; because your audience and their preferences are always changing.

Host an Event

If you have enough funds, put them towards hosting an event for your clients or prospects. Invite them to your offices or choose an offsite venue. You can put some of your budget towards promoting the event online through an email campaign, social media posts, or a blog post. An end of the year event is a great way to ring in the new year.

We Can Help You Reach Your 2019 Digital Marketing Goals

If you’re looking for some guidance on some of these digital marketing initiatives, we’ve got your back. We offer a wide portfolio of digital marketing services; we’ll work with you and your team to accomplish your goals, from driving traffic to your site and increasing your brand awareness to attracting new prospects or creating a connection with your existing followers. Don’t wait until the end of the quarter; reach out to us today and we’ll help you finish out 2018 with a bang!