Our Process - How we work
Julia Dowden - Account Manager

Julia Dowden

Julia is a driven account manager who is always improving processes and has a love for duathlons and nachos.

Snap Is Ready to Grow Your Business like You’ve Never Imagined

Snap is all about collaboration. Fast-moving, forward-thinking creative solutions to getting clients to page one of Google—plain and simple. We understand that more eyes on your website means more sales. We’re into growing businesses and you should be, too. Being thrown into the fold of Snap’s team means you get to be a part of a tight-knit crew where nearly everyone wears many hats with great expertise. No matter if you need clever writing, sleek design or crafty keyword integration, we’ve got you covered. Not sure what CRO, SEO and SEM are yet? Don’t worry, our alphabet soup will be crystal clear to you once you start here (because to be really, really successful, you’ll need to be scraping that soup bowl clean). We’re always ready for your questions and are eager as a beaver to have you on board. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

So, You Want to Work with Snap?

Once you get started, our sales team will introduce you to your new account manager! From here on out they will be your go-to resource to ensure that Snap’s work meets your expectations. Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Your Snap team will meet internally with a sales team member and your account manager, and during this time the Snap team will transfer information from the sales team to your execution team. We’ll also throw together a Client Questionnaire Document for you to fill out, which gives us important insight and a peek into your company’s innards. This document answers any unanswered questions the Snap Team may have.


What Does Working with Snap Look Like? Check It.

  1. Snap will invite you to a raucous onboarding meeting (it will actually be pretty tame). The purpose of this meeting is to put a face to the names of your team, as well as allow the Snap team to meet you before we begin our long and exciting journey. We will go over your business history, key goals and, most importantly, what the project plan is during the Discovery phase.
  2. During the Discovery presentation, your account manager will present you with the information that was found during the Snap team’s first month of work. Consider it an audit of every nook and cranny you might not have known existed in regard to your business. We’ll be scoping out where your business has been (on the web, of course) and where its greatest opportunities are. What are some things that worked and what are some things that didn’t? Your account manager will then present the future strategy based on the information that was found, as well as goals to achieve while working with your Snap team.
  3. Now the fun starts! Once the team has an ongoing marketing plan, we start making magic happen (i.e., well-planned strategies with specific tactics and goals in mind)! This is where we start making changes to your website that match your business goals. Our team will present you with monthly progress updates, strategy updates and other relevant information to your business. We bolster what works while cutting back on things that might not be jiving—this process is about transparent communication and letting you know exactly what’s happening.
  4. Bada bing, bada boom—you’re on page one of Google search results and you needed to hire an octopus to be able to answer all the phones from incoming leads. Or something like that. Snap has made clients happy time and time again through concerted efforts to earn clients more business. By synchronizing strategies across content marketing, search engine optimization, social media, design, paid ads and more, we have helped our clients earn countless conversions. Don’t miss out on the fun! And the undeniable business growth, don’t forget that.