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Does Your Website Need a Redesign or a Rebuild—and What’s the Difference?

By Snap Agency March 23, 2020

Have you ever seen a site with visuals that just take your breath away? We’re talking aesthetically-pleasing color palettes, fast load times, and seamless moving graphics. You know the ones.

What’s going on below the surface here? How exactly are these sites crafted to be so appealing? How can you optimize web functionality in 2020? To answer those questions and more, we’ll have to examine how both website redesigns and rebuilds factor into this whole process.

Web Design vs. Web Development: The Basics

Those breathtaking sites you’ve been eyeing were created through a combination of web design and web development—all coming together to bring you, the user, the highest web functionality and most streamlined experience possible. And if it wasn’t evident from the title of this piece, they’re two different things. But what’s the difference between web design and web development?

Web Designers

If we had to narrow a web designer’s mission down to one word, it would be “conceptualize.” These tech-savvy individuals are constantly asking questions with the end-user in mind: who is the target audience? What will they find most engaging? What should they be thinking and feeling while browsing your site? What impression should they be walking away with?

To answer these questions, digital agencies perform a ton of demographic research and competitive analysis, mapping out everything it takes to boost your site’s conversion rate. This research spearheads those cool color schemes, that typography, and those quirky graphics you’ve been eyeing. In short, web designers know just what it takes to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Web Developers

As we’ve already mentioned, those snazzy sites don’t just appear fully-formed, even with the help of a killer web design team. That’s why we have web developers, the master coders who bring your wildest creative dreams to fruition. The coding tools you’ve heard so much about, like HTML, Javascript, and CSS? That’s what we’re talking about here—tools that turn your wireframe into a site that’s both readable and compatible on different devices and search engines.

Coding is a tricky business, but that’s where the help of a talented digital agency comes in. They write all those scripts that keep links clicking, graphics moving, and videos playing. Above all else, their work keeps your clients loving and connecting with your page.

Do I Need Web Design or Web Development?

Web design and web development sure sound like two sides of the same coin, huh? Even so, there’s a chance you may only need help with one of them, and not the other. Let’s review a few scenarios and figure out which one would suit your brand best.

We’ve compiled a handy-dandy checklist for you below, so that you can streamline your brand’s vision and ensure that your site is both enjoyable to look at and straightforward to navigate. Take a look at these questions to determine whether you need a web designer or a web developer.

When to Redesign Your Site

  • Do I understand exactly who my target demographic is?
  • Would my site benefit from a more cohesive color palette—one that appeals to that target demographic mentioned above?
  • Are the fonts on my site working to complement the overall design of each page?
  • Is my site suffering from a severe lack of graphics and imagery? Conversely, would it make sense to remove some of my site’s graphics and clutter, creating a more minimalist look?
  • Does my site feel exciting to browse? Would it feel the same to an outside user? (Remember, you’re immersed in your brand’s content, but a potential customer may not be having the same experience as you.)
  • Are my internal links placed in a way that’s intuitive and easy for users to navigate?

When to Rebuild Your Site

  • If my customers have questions while browsing, are they able to quickly find a search bar or internal links to answers? Do those links load quickly?
  • Are my HTML or Javascript skills up to par? Or does my site look and feel outdated? (I.e., does your homepage look like one of those archaic message boards from the 90s? Or even just a year or two out of date?)
  • Is my site compatible with, say, a personal computer, but not a mobile device (or vice-versa)? Is it easy to view and navigate with the help of one search engine, but not another?

Snap: Your Tech-Savvy Partner in Web Building and Web Design

If you answered yes to any of those questions up there, it’s time to make some changes. Whether you’re in the market to redesign your site or rebuild it entirely, Snap has you covered. Our talented team of web designers and developers are here to make your vision a living, breathing reality. To maximize web functionality and the user experience, look no further—with our help, your site will be just as sleek and attractive as those other sites you’ve been envying.

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