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How to Implement a Graduated PPC Campaign for the Highest ROI

By Snap Agency May 6, 2016

Anyone who’s delved into Google Adwords or Google Adwords Management has run up against the problem of spending too much money on clicks that don’t convert or impressions that don’t lead to clicks. To get the most out of your money on Adwords, our director of paid ads Brett Middleton gives you the rundown on how to implement a graduated PPC campaign for the highest ROI possible. 

Identify the best keywords to put all your ad spend toward to ramp up revenue generation

Have a set of keywords and your account structure ready, and create an entry-level campaign.

How to identify the best keywords:

  • Entry-level campaign with a low daily budget
  • Wait for conversions
  • Watch for what keywords generate the most regular conversions
  • Watch for what keywords generate the lowest cost per conversion that fits within the margins and allows us to advertise and still generate a profit

Use the top-performing keywords.

Once you’ve identified them here’s what to do with them:

  • Create a high-level campaign with a budget that will never be run up against
  • Higher performing keywords can subsidize the rest of the ad budgets and generate consistently high ROI


Fools don’t rush in—create the low-level campaign first and cherry pick your best keywords for primetime.