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What Are Your Creative Agency Partners Doing to Maximize Your Qualified Leads?

By alex October 18, 2022

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As a B2B company, you are probably bombarded daily with promises of “more leads.” The challenge is not developing a large number of leads, but rather,
quality! In this article, we’re going to give you a few tools to assess the leads coming into your business. If you are doing it yourself (DIY) or you have a marketing agency onboard, it’s time to ask the question — is this working, or do you need to consider alternatives? 

The fundamental truth about success in business is identifying a problem in the market, and then offering a solution to that problem. At its core, this is how Google and Bing operate. They WANT relevant search results because it increases the number of people using their search engines and ultimately leads to more ad revenues for their platforms. 

When there is a mismatch in content with the search results, you won’t see good conversions. 

In other words, if someone is searching for one thing and your page is in those results, and they click to arrive at a page about something different… That won’t help your business. If you’re receiving phone calls that are not relevant, or they are the “lower value transaction,” then this is another indication that your search targeting needs work. 

Location-based Leads with Minneapolis SEO 

For companies local to Minneapolis (where our office is located), this problem also becomes a proximity issue. If you’re targeting customers near your business in Kenwood or Lynnhurst, and you’re getting callers from 20 miles away who don’t want to make the drive, you would get better leads through improved geographic targeting. 

Minneapolis offers a unique opportunity because of its smaller size and relative ease to rank for keywords that have the right intent — even competitive terms. On the other hand, you can be very specific with the neighborhoods you’re targeting and still have a large enough audience to generate quality leads. 

Digital Marketing Partners: Key Takeaway

Key takeaway: The digital marketing partners that you trust to help with your branding and increase web traffic should have a firm understanding of how to use SEO principles to attract relevant leads. From there, they need to know how to nurture those leads and turn them into conversions for your business. 

When you’re looking for digital marketing partners that can help increase your traffic, it’s important to ask about their experience and expertise in SEO. A good digital marketing agency will also have a team of creatives that can help with brand identity, website design, and even content creation. 

Getting Better Leads in a Crowded Market

No matter what your industry is, you have competition. You might ask, how do you attract attention in a very noisy marketplace where there might be 20 other businesses marketing the same services to the same pool of Minneapolis-based leads? 

We have found that with search engines, focusing on problem-based inquiries works best. You have a few seconds to generate a click to your page so two things are key: writing a compelling headline and creating a meta description that identifies the problem in the search keyword and hints at a solution. 

The headline and meta description are picked up by Google and displayed in the search result for the keyword. If your content here generates a lot of clicks, Google sees that as a solid “click-through rate” (CTR) and rewards you with even higher rankings! 

Creative Agency Partners Factor in Your Conversions

Creativity plays a factor in search results: If your title and meta description offer the same mundane, robotic solutions as the other pages in the search results, then you won’t stand out. Be bold! Make a bold promise to the reader and your content will generate a click. 

Your agency partner can be a real asset to your business in three practical areas: 

  • Keywords they choose to focus on
  • The headlines and metadata they write on the page of your website
  • The call-to-action form or telephone number they use to drive that lead to your business

If you’re not receiving relevant leads, it may be time to give us a call. We can develop a highly targeted, customized plan for your business that gets results!