PPC Management

Your customers are looking for you online—are you in the right places? We use the best SEM channels to reach your audience and make sure you get found when it matters.

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Brand Awareness

Create opportunity by reaching potential customers before they realize they're interested. We use Sponsored Content, Display, Paid Social and more to get your brand out there.

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Recurring engagement may be the single most important user behavior you can support. We use data strategically to get customers back to your site.

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Like Sean Connery's Voice in a Search Engine

Much like James Bond, we employ intel and fancy gadgets. But unlike the gentlemanly special agent, we spend our days and nights crafting successful digital advertising campaigns. We’re operating with a “license to kill” the competition. We put you in front of potential customers at the right moment in their search cycle to expand your online reach using our PPC management services.

Digital still has its undiscovered secrets and mysteries. Just look at programmatic ad buying. Many agencies have heard of it and think it’s important, but very few have pulled it off successfully. We work with a comprehensive Programmatic Platform that gets your ads in front of potential customers from a massive selection of publishers. Programmatic can be a great tool when put to use for your business, and in many cases works perfectly in tandem with PPC.

We’re among the international men and women of mystery in the PPC industry. Since 2003, we’ve been perfecting our process. After nearly a decade of growth and awards, Snap has helped more than 1400 businesses succeed using our proven digital marketing tactics.

Contact Snap to partner up with the original PPC management experts. Let’s adjust those crosshairs for a perfectly targeted marketing strategy.

PPC Management

What was once looked down upon as less effective than traditional advertising is now the overwhelming victor; PPC is the present and the future. Search engines are growing every day, and that’s a good thing. The companies that capitalize on prime touchpoints in search will thrive. Search engines are also more robust and business-friendly than they once were, but it’s not enough to set up an AdWords account and wait for the money to pile in. You’ll need PPC management to maximize marketing results for your business.


Simply put, it’s the utilization of text, display and video advertising where expenses are accrued on a per-click/impression basis. The end goal is to attract qualified web traffic that’s searching for the products and services you offer. We create a new account for you, build campaigns and make it flourish, or take on your existing account and revitalize it. Keyword research, ad creative and testing, bid management, optimization—we do it all. And it’s all backed up by data-driven analysis and transparency, ensuring that you score big on every bid.

Brand Awareness

There’s a lot going on here, and we’re lumping multiple channels together; but that’s because the purpose is the same. We love display ads, video, mobile, paid social, and sponsored content. And creating a nice blend of these channels (and using them with paid search) will drive awareness like you’ve never imagined. Because PPC isn’t always cost-effective—and because you’re often dealing with competition—you’ll need to influence how people search and do everything you can to make people aware of your brand before they search.We give your brand the exposure it deserves!

By creating intent in your target audience through channels like Facebook and Outbrain, we promote conversation and interaction while selling subtly and keeping ads in line with your brand strategy. Social media channels offer a tremendous volume of targeting tools to find the right audience, making them incredibly effective. Add in the fact that many people steer away from traditional media in favor of spending time online, and it’s easy to see why you should focus your marketing efforts on digital channels.


Even though over 50% of transactions happen online within 30 minutes after a search, that’s obviously not always the case. We need to make sure that people remember you long after they visit your site for the first time. How memorable is your web presence right now, and could it benefit from showing ads consistently to people for a month to reinforce your message? We think so. Start taking advantage of this amazing tool that Google (and other networks) offer and see what happens. You won’t be disappointed.

Understanding that one size does not fit all was an important step in Snap’s PPC evolution. We create an online strategy centered around your business objectives as a company. What services and products convert at a better rate? What media does your target demographic respond to? We’ll explore many avenues, from keyword research and geo-targeting to A/B testing ad copy, to ensure you hit your target every time.

Why PPC?

For starters, we have more than 11 years of PPC experience. Our PPC experts work tirelessly to reduce your cost of acquisition and manage your ad spend, giving you the best return on your investment possible. PPC works great as a core facet of any digital marketing strategy. Our SEO & SEM gurus love to compare notes and decide on the which strategy will get you the results you want!


decrease in average cost per click


boost in conversions from paid search


decrease in cost per conversion

Our Approach To PPC

  • We meticulously learn who you are as a business, your current standing and where you want to end up. The more we know, the better our ideas are and the bigger we make your business. This learning phase lets us understand your brand on a personal level. Once we understand your marketing vision, then we begin our research.

    We do a deep dive into the search landscape before beginning PPC management, uncovering crucial data related to search behavior, industry trends, and competitive analyses. Your competitors use ESPs (emotional selling points) to get their messages out, so we determine the best message to make you stand out and build ad copy that will drive relevant traffic.

    Inside of our Discovery Document—an entire analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats—we’ll include an entire section about how your PPC opportunity (or current account) looks. This document will become the layout for your entire project and a reference point for all decisions made.

    We compare what we’ve learned about the search landscape for your industry against the positioning of your website. Our Minneapolis PPC team agrees on the best practices that need to be checked off the list, then conducts a massive brainstorming session where our big ideas are born. These tactics are passed through the hands of each department to ensure quality and accuracy.

  • Now we know all we need to know to prepare your custom PPC strategy. In our preparation stage, we define all tactics that will be used to generate traffic from paid sources, and which types of media will be most effective. These will range from programmatic ad buys to YouTube True View Video ads—and everything in between.

    We build you a customized PPC management strategy, setting up your analytics tracking to measure success. We also identify your competition and make you stand out. With the established timeline we develop through our meetings, we’ll be ready to push forward in the right direction. We’ll use our proven digital audit to understand how your digital marketing currently stands, how it should be, and how it can be.

    From there, we’ll start to fill in the cracks by pouring over volumes of analytic data to find problem areas and top performers. Our Google-certified analytic experts can catch something as small as a .05% increase in website traffic and uncover why that jump took place. With your own team of human calculators, you’ll be reassured by the numbers.

    Whether it’s bidding for a keyword, building ad creative for your target audience or optimizing ad position for ROI, our Minneapolis PPC team will get your business the relevant traffic it needs.

  • Here is where the rubber meets the road and the path to digital marketing success begins for your company. Our PPC team checks off our exclusive list of best practices, and then the spy-thriller music starts.

    A core aspect of PPC is testing. Testing multiple ads against each other and optimizing based on results, as a constant process, lets us keep your business at the forefront of search. This system keeps you relevant and reaching the right customers at the right time. Our PPC management team is as crafty as they are creative. They’re able to look at data and come up with creative solutions to your PPC problems.

    Our team has been in the PPC industry since 2003, and we have no plans of stopping now. We’re the original authority in search engine marketing and will have your website creating more conversions than you can count. So, now that we’ve solidified strategy and started implementation… what do we do next?

  • We’re a data-driven digital marketing agency. Our Minneapolis PPC experts are all Google-certified. Like we said, we don’t make any PPC strategy decisions without consulting the data first. With our strategy in place and following the launch of your campaign, we need to make sure those numbers are showing us what we want to see.

    Our understanding of the insights that data contains keeps us in business. Each interaction a person has with a search engine, and your website, generates a massive amount of data among various touchpoints. We use that data to make actionable decisions. That’s the key to a successful PPC strategy.

    Our involvement doesn’t end at inception. We’ll be there for you throughout the duration of your contract, ensuring that every one of your PPC needs is met. Whether it’s optimizing for ROI, preparing a ramp-up campaign prior to the launch of a new product or service, or ensuring you stay on budget and generating the maximum conversions possible, we will continue to work on your behalf.

    If you’re looking for some help from the original authority in everything PPC, then your search ends with Snap. As a full-service Minneapolis marketing agency, we can combine our PPC management services with web design, social media, SEO or whatever else fits your budget and goals. Ready to see what your business has been missing? Then let’s get moving.

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