Snap’s been in the e-commerce game since 2010—and our founders have been at it even longer. Over the years, we’ve learned to appreciate the impact of two things: curiosity and experimentation.

Through our own proprietary online stores, we test (and retest) a range of e-commerce strategies. Think advanced product filtering, real-time AI and IoT tools, and conversion-focused design layouts. These digital testing grounds let us explore a range of e-commerce tactics—and leverage the ones that work for our clients.

E-commerce is like a puzzle with changing solutions. Each new technology, trend, and competitor can impact your online store—which means you can’t stop and settle for what’s working in the here and now. As your partner, we deliver proven solutions to future-proof your e-commerce efforts, which means happier customers, more conversions, and greater ROI.


Need a hand with warehousing, fulfillment, or sourcing and logistics? You’ve got you covered. Leverage our e-commerce management services to keep your stores running smoothly.


What’s the point of a well-managed store if no one can find it? Our e-commerce marketing solutions can help you attract, compel and convert the right users at the right touchpoints.


Looking for a seasoned partner to help shape your e-commerce initiatives? We’ve got people for that. Harness our strategic insights to develop and guide your online commerce efforts.


Snap's e-commerce experts bring decades of industry experience to the table—pairing proven strategies with a hunger for new data-driven tactics. Count on us for inspiration, curiosity, and better digital results.


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Our e-commerce process is driven by creativity, data and insatiable curiosity.

Ongoing Support
Uncover Opportunities

We work with your team to assess the impact of your current e-commerce efforts—and identify new opportunities for growth.

Using data-driven insights from the last step, we finalize and implement your e-commerce solutions.

We can provide ongoing maintenance, alterations and counsel for your online stores to keep you one step ahead of competitors.

Make your online shopping experience simple and exceptional.


Unlocking & leveraging e-commerce insights

You can’t find success in e-commerce without setting clear, measurable goals first. And that’s half the point of our discovery process. Within, we’ll dive deep into your current e-commerce presence to see what’s working and what could be improved. That means analyzing your store performance metrics, e-commerce marketing, sales management process, user experience and more.

Once we have a better understanding of your current e-commerce efforts, we work hand-in-hand with your team create updated goals based on your business objectives and our findings. This process also plays a key role in determining which e-commerce services your business needs to meet and exceed those goals.

Now comes the second phase of discovery: creating an e-commerce strategy. Using your objectives as a foundation, we can pin down exactly which services and changes your online stores need to grow. Together, we look through this list of recommendations and use it to create a tailored e-commerce approach.

With a refined strategy in place, we set our sights on implementation—and creating a seamless transition to ensure these changes won’t adversely affect your online shopping experience.



Creating a better online shopping experience

At Snap, we work hard to honor and enrich the voice, character and results of your brand. From online customer service to warehousing tasks, our team respects the importance of every task we’re trusted with—large and small. We bring that same level of reverence to all of our e-commerce solutions, which is why proper implementation is essential.

The strategy from our discovery process acts as the perfect roadmap for implementation, whether that takes the form of e-commerce management or marketing. In either case, we work closely with your internal team to ensure smooth transfer of all tasks and responsibilities.

During implementation planning and execution, we’ll show your team how to measure the impact of our e-commerce marketing or management solutions. This step ensures that you have opportunities to track our progress towards your business goals—and stay 100% informed throughout.

Once we’ve finalized, tested and implemented your e-commerce solutions, we’ll meet with you to discuss next steps and lay the groundwork for any other services or support your online stores need to compel, convert and grow.



Setting the stage for future success

The field of e-commerce is always evolving. That’s why it’s vital to keep an eye on new best practices—and integrate them into your online stores to maximize ROI. As your digital growth partner, we can aid that effort through a range of ongoing support options.

E-commerce marketing changes as new technologies, user behaviors and demands emerge—which is why our digital marketing experts always keep eyes on the future. Whether you invest in e-commerce web design, PPC management, e-commerce SEO, or any other service from us, we’ll keep you informed on these shifts in the industry landscape—and make opportunities of them.

E-commerce management is also a rapidly evolving space, with new warehousing, customer service, sourcing and logistics challenges emerging each and every month. Through e-commerce consulting and other supportive services, Snap can help bolster your brand and bottom line.

There’s no shortage of variables and risks in the world of e-commerce. But with our support, you’ll never face a challenge alone. Together, we can differentiate your brand, grow your online presence and make a meaningful impact in your market. Let’s make it happen.