The Snap Discovery Process

Who your brand is and where you fit in the marketplace are two of the most important pieces of information your business can possess. Typically, the process of acquiring this knowledge would be a long and arduous one—but with Snap, all that has changed.

The Snap Discovery Process is an in-depth audit of every nook and cranny of your digital presence. From your website to your social media accounts, no stone goes unturned. Every department at Snap will get a turn at investigating your company’s current standing in the online marketplace. From there, we contrast what we find against your wants and needs to construct detailed recommendations on how best to reach your marketing goals.

During our Discovery Workshop, we develop data-driven marketing strategies to address your unique business constraints and aspirations. At the end of this process, your company could walk away with a comprehensive marketing plan, business plan, and budget that include the following assets:


  • Online and Offline Industry Trends
  • Online Landscape
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Target Customer Persona Demographics & Segmentation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Distribution Channels (online & offline)
  • Marketing & Advertising Recommendations
  • KPI Recommendations
  • Additional Need-Based Assets
  • Order Tracking & Integration Recommendations
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment Recommendations
  • Shipping Recommendations
  • Customer Service Recommendations
  • 24-Month P&L Forecast
  • 24-Month Inventory Recommendation
Ready To Get Started?
Gain Insights

Through Snap’s Discovery Workshop, you can acquire actionable insights to strengthen your brand and grow its digital footprint.

Establish Goals

Snap’s digital marketing masters work with your team to create measurable marketing goals that advance your enterprise.

Execute With Confidence

Use the strategic assets we create together to refine and promote your organization.

What Makes Us Special

Snap’s eclectic team leverages over 13 years of digital experience to create bold marketing initiatives that deliver meaningful results. If you’re looking for a strategic (and fun) partner to guide your digital marketing efforts, then you’ve come to the right place.


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Uncover and unleash your brand’s full digital potential.

Obtain Actionable Insights

By the end of our Discovery Workshop, you’ll walk away with the following assets:

  • An articulated value proposition
  • A fully defined target audience
  • Insights on how to leverage existing success
  • Recommendations for future opportunities
  • A refined, unique value proposition
  • Expanded mission statement
  • Key company messaging
  • Solidified brand voice, tone, and personality
  • Branded headlines/extensions and taglines
Set Strategic Goals

Snap collaborates with your team to obtain a holistic view of your digital marketing presence, establishing strategic goals to assess and improve the performance of your marketing investments.

Utilize Valuable Marketing Assets

Snap’s Discovery Process can yield a wealth of in-depth marketing assets, including the following:

  • Defined business, marketing, and brand objectives
  • Updated user demographics and personas
  • A detailed review of your product-to-client sales process
  • A comprehensive audit of existing brand strengths/weaknesses
  • A SWOT analysis covering your brand positioning, messaging, and competitive landscape.

Every great design begins with an even better story.

SEO Discovery Process

Boosting site visibility with valuable content

From a high-level vantage point, the SEO portion of the Discovery Process will cover trends, search landscape analysis, market opportunity assessment, and keyword research. On a more base level, this section will include research and recommendations for technical SEO, content creation, and link acquisition. Snap’s SEO Team can also provide your company with detailed content strategy and an analysis of your competitors.


Social Media Discovery Process

Attracting & converting followers

The overarching goal of the social media portion of your Discovery Process is to assess your entire social media presence and create a targeted strategy that will reinforce brand awareness among your target demographic, and prompt qualified traffic with the end goal of securing social-driven conversions.

When evaluating your social presence, we will look at your current social content strategy, community management, and competitors within your space. Afterward, Snap will provide recommendations for areas of opportunity within each platform. During this process, our team may find opportunities for growth across the digital space, which will be shared with you via social media proposals. In most cases, these recommendations will include utilizing paid social media campaigns and influencer outreach initiatives.


Web Development Discovery Process

Assessing & optimizing your website

The web development portion of our Discovery Process accommodates companies with existing websites and those looking to expand into the digital space with a new site. Snap’s team offers investigative services for companies facing complex technical dilemmas and looking to evaluate their options when it comes to finding new digital platforms. Our experienced developers will QA every aspect of your current website and make educated recommendations to help improve your digital standing. Through whiteboarding sessions, stakeholder interviews, observation, and gap analysis, we’ll know your site backward and forward by the time we’re done.

Snap’s team is more than capable of providing both the front-end and back-end code support for your website’s theme, including all of the designed templates, modules, components, and style guide support on the front-end. We’ll provide any CMS support for building your content out on the back-end, and will include support for any third party integrations, SEO tactics, searching and indexing systems, as well as any additional social media support.


PPC Discovery Process

Driving relevant traffic to your site

Whether you’re looking to attract new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing, or keep customers coming back for more, Snap’s PPC experts can devise a custom AdWords plan that will address all of your digital wants and needs. We’ll ensure that your business gets found by users on Google—precisely when and where they’re searching for the services or products that your company offers. It doesn’t matter if your company serves a local or global market, between ad split testing, an optimized bud strategy, keyword research, and campaign structure review, the PPC portion of your digital strategy will account for your long-term marketing goals.


CRO Discovery Process

Maximizing conversions & overall ROI

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) portion of the Discovery Process consists of three sections: user personas, customer journey mapping, and UX auditing. The end goal of this process is to assess how we can make your website easier to navigate and prompt visitors and consumers to complete your conversion funnel. By focusing on factors like task orientation, form and data entry systems, page layout and visualization, page speed, and navigation within information architecture, our CRO experts will refine every aspect of your conversion process.


Brand Discovery Process

Creating a dynamic brand presence

Through brand positioning, brand guidelines and brand platform creation, the branding portion of the Discovery Process will determine who you are, how your customers see you, and where you fit within the current market. Each new asset delivered during this phase builds upon your brand’s intrinsic character to create a stronger, more solidified front that can be shown to both your company and the market at large.