We’re Coding The Same Language.

Java, Flash, CSS, HTML, HDTV, ABCDEFG. Having trouble keeping your code languages straight?

Snap’s team of web developers spend so much time here, that the nighttime cleaning crew knows them by name. The late nights are a just a small sacrifice our programmers make to bring killer web content to our clients.

Our back-end team isn’t just tireless. They’re also award-winners. Whether you run a WordPress blog, operate a Magento site or have your own cluster of code, our developers will create or modify a site suitable to today’s standards. It might just turn some heads along the way as well.

Need something that works across multiple media? We’ll get it done. Have a huge ecommerce infrastructure? We’ll just direct you to our about page. Have SEO or compatibility needs? No worries, we are the original web marketing authority. Whatever your needs, we speak your language. Let’s get the coding conversation started.

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A Trusted Minneapolis Web Developer

We’ve had the privilege of being the web developer for some of the largest companies in Minneapolis and the country. But regardless of company size, we approach every development project the same. During the discovery process, we drill down to specifics. Our due diligence includes building your preferred development environment, choosing a CMS that best suits your administrative needs, integrating necessary third-party systems, accounting for rich media requirements, and assessing your current web hosting provider. Why do we ask all of these questions? Because you need a site that works and that takes a web developer who delivers.

Tell us what you need, whether it’s ecommerce web development or the online home for your brand. We’ll walk you through our process and you’ll understand how we are able to build websites with functionality and longevity.

Our web development team has completed over 2,700 projects.