Our Approach to Web Development

Snap bases all of its web development solutions around three core philosophies. Here’s the first: The End User Matters. Whether we’re tasked with implementing custom code to maximize responsiveness or testing functionalities, we stop to think through how the site will work when it’s done for all stakeholders and audiences. Our developers document these considerations and stick to them like glue, ensuring that our development solutions provide exceptional results.

Don’t Only See Nails is our second development philosophy. If you use nothing but a hammer, every problem will start to look like a nail. And that restricted thinking will set you on a fast track towards failure in the world of web development. At Snap, we try to see the problem for what it is before finding the proper tools to fix it. We aren’t myopic when it comes to content management systems, platforms and approaches; and we pride ourselves in delivering dynamic, flexible approaches to web development.

Our final development philosophy is as follows: Do It Correctly & Pragmatically. The best development paths are seldom straight, but they will get you where you want to go as effectively as possible. Snap’s Development Team is pragmatic to a fault. We find the most practical solutions and execute them without cutting corners or drawing out processes. It’s all about fighting the fight you’re in now while planning for the end results.

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CMS & Custom Development & Intranet & Communication

Our fully customizable development solutions can be tailored around your unique project goals. We also offer expert CMS integration, making it easy for multiple users to manage site content, data and information.

Ongoing Support & BAU

Snap’s BAU team continuously monitors your site to find and address any issues related to development, content entry, UX and more. No matter which digital challenges your team faces post-launch, we’ll be there to help.

Accessibility & Security

We create highly secure development solutions your business can use to share information and site access with select parties—without compromising your sensitive data.

What Makes Us Special

Snap’s developers have perfected the art of coding and integration. Our team combines an innovative approach with decades of development experience, providing peerless front-end and back-end support for your website.


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Extensibility, empathy and best practices are the heart of our development process.

Custom Code Support
Third-Party Integration
Indexing Support
Add Peerless Functionality

Our Development Team offers complete front-end and back-end code support for your website.

Integrate Any App

Snap's team makes your website compatible with any third-party application, enabling seamless integration.

Optimize Indexing

Our Development Team leverages proprietary indexing tactics to ensure your site ranks at the top of searches.

We develop responsive web builds that engage and convert.


Uncovering Your Digital Solution

Successful development projects hinge on sound strategy and clearly defined goals. Before we write a single line of code, Snap’s team meets with your key stakeholders to gain a strong understanding of your objectives and needs. From there, we dive deep into researching the target audience you want your website to attract. This discovery process ensures that we implement the appropriate development tools and strategies without spending extra resources.

Once we’ve devised a comprehensive strategy for your development project, our Design Team sets to work on drawing up preliminary specifications, which will cover every module for your new website. Our team will collaborate with yours to review and revise these resources—guaranteeing that every business and technical requirement for your project is met. This step culminates in the creation of a detailed written proposal that outlines the full scope of the project, including timelines, costs and responsibilities. After both parties sign off on this proposal, it’s time to jump into site creation.

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Laying a Solid Site Foundation

Using the website hierarchy of your sitemap as a foundation, our developers begin to build your website theme and page templates. We take the graphic elements created during design to create each page, adding interactivity and any unique features as we go. We also implement CMS and frameworks to ensure seamless installation and set-up. While our SEO team optimizes your website elements for search engines, our Development Team will install any CMS plugins your site requires.

Once the necessary plugins are configured and installed, we start on programing any custom functionality your site needs. Backend customization occurs shortly after, ensuring that your admin panel looks and functions exactly how you want it to. By the end of this step, we’ll have a powerful, flexible online platform that’s fully built and ready for testing.

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Quality Assurance

Dotting the Digital I’s

Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most important parts of the development process. During this phase, we’ll test (and retest) your new web build to make sure every feature works properly. To begin, we test your site in multiple browsers and review every functionality documented throughout the previous phases. This step ensures that your website will perform well across various devices after launch.

After the build passes our functionality assessment, we comb over every single form, script and page to track down and fix any bugs, broken links, glitches and other errors that could adversely affect site visitors. Our developers perform automated and manual integration testing, stress testing, resolution testing and more to guarantee that your website works exactly as intended.

Once we’ve scoured your entire site for errors and tested its performance, we have your team and ours perform a final sign-off to make sure both parties are fully satisfied with the final project—and lay the groundwork for effective deployment.

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Prepping for Go-Live

Snap tailors its entire deployment process around your specific hosting and server setup. If this is your first web build, we’ll help you register your domain name and arrange web hosting. If you already have hosting, Snap’s team will work with you to acquire domain management credentials to manage your DNS records.

Snap has decades of experience with website deployment. We can aid your team with setting up DNS records, establishing a live testing site and email accounts, or backing up the databases of your old website. After we’ve tested your site on its production server and have backups of old assets, it’s finally time to go-live! (And celebrate, of course.)

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Ensuring Your Post-Launch Success

At Snap, we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive development support for our clients. Our Development Team provides ongoing maintenance for your site after launch to make sure it continues to deliver outstanding results. We start by implementing a fast and simple user report system. This resource allows our team to recognize site issues—including development, content entry and UX problems—and address them as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Websites are complicated platforms that require constant maintenance to run effectively. That’s why we perform regular updates to keep your site in perfect condition. We continuously update your CMS to mitigate bugs and protect your site from potential security threats, positioning your business for long-term digital growth.

Snap’s goal is to provide you with a dynamic and adaptable website that delivers maximal business value. Your success is our number one priority, which is why we offer full development support for the full extent of our partnership. Regardless of your digital challenges or constraints, our team brings the tools and expertise your website needs to thrive.

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