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Snap Agency is an SEO and digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation across various industries in Pittsburgh and beyond. For over 15 years, we’ve crafted proven SEO strategies to produce measurable results.

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Is it worth it to pay for SEO? SEO services are a necessity for businesses looking to grow and remain relevant in today’s competitive digital landscape.


Every year, Google updates its algorithms and requires websites to improve their SEO best practices to maintain good standing. With our data-driven approach and commitment to analytics, Snap strives to be ahead of the curve with up-to-date search engine optimization strategies and nuanced practices.

Our approach starts with in-depth research of industry-relevant keywords. From there we execute a strategy based on our findings and then analyze and report where we think SEO opportunities lie.

What Is SEO & Why Is It Important for Your Pittsburgh Business?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. In other words, SEO services exist to ensure that your business remains relevant to search engine users in your industry. They help your website remain relevant by: staying up-to-date with Google’s changes, ensuring your website follows best practices, and producing content based on actual search terms your leads are putting into Google.

Have you asked Google a question lately? More than just food near me or where can I watch the Steelers? Your SEO team performs what’s called “keyword research” to view the exact phrases that your potential leads are searching and then produces (or recommends) content based on those searches. That way, once the content starts doing its thing, your website will appear in the search results.

For example, let’s say a medical device company is looking to acquire partnerships in manufacturing. Your SEO team would build a strategy based on manufacturers whose experience best fits medical device partnerships, all according to search engine terms like Pittsburgh medical device companies.


Pittsburgh has long been a vital resource and cornerstone of the American economy. But competition has never been tougher for modern businesses as companies look abroad for efficient turnover at a low overhead – not to mention greater convenience. 

So how can you separate yourself from the competition? At Snap Agency, one effective strategy we use for Pittsburgh businesses is what we call niche marketing. Niche marketing is about targeting search engine users who are relevant to your business, using terms specific to the solutions your business provides. 

It used to be that SEO companies used tactics to target as many search engine users as possible with the hopes of raking in qualified leads. The problem with that strategy is that you can have thousands of people visiting your site, but what good are those numbers if they aren’t relevant to your business? Furthermore, Google and other search engines have released updates to counteract that fluffy approach, leaving niche marketing among the most effective methods of lead targeting. 

At Snap, our Pittsburgh SEO company is dedicated to growth in the right direction, not toward inflating website numbers. We take the time to get to know your product or service and then we tailor our SEO approach accordingly. 


  • Successful websites do more than sell; they educate and entice customers with valuable content that elevates the company brand. Through content marketing, you can build your online authority in Google’s eyes and cement your business as an industry leader by delivering worthwhile insights. 

    For decades, our creative and strategy teams have crafted compelling, effective content for B2B and B2C clients alike. Our proven content marketing approach creates valuable, SEO-friendly content that interests and engages customers on multiple levels. That includes blog posts, service pages, landing pages, and more.

  • The journey of a website visitor is nothing to trifle with. From the moment they enter your site, they’re given a glimpse into your company’s values, your product or service quality, and the benefits that you bring to your industry. 

    With so much competition for the attention span of an online visitor, you have only seconds to convince them to stay on the page and check out your business. Successful website optimization will incorporate search analytics with branding elements to ensure potential leads stay on your website.

  • What is link acquisition? Link acquisition is the practice of obtaining links to and from your website to increase its perceived value in the eyes of search engine companies. When you think of link acquisition, think of credibility. The more reputable links to and from your website, the better your website’s reputation. And the better your website’s reputation, the higher your website will rank for industry-relevant search terms (keywords). 

    While there is no downside to link acquisition, the upside requires a bit of patience if your website is still new. Leads drawn via SEO (what we call organic traffic) are often the result of an effective link acquisition strategy, and those strategies can take some time. Did the local paper write a story about your company? Make sure they link to your site… 


At Snap, we were testing SEO strategies way back in 2003, when smartphones didn’t exist and our CEO was running an e-commerce company. In other words, we know what it means to increase online growth for companies because we’ve done it for our own company for 20 years.

With our unique combination of creativity, curiosity, and tested SEO tactics, we can help your business thrive online—and completely transform your digital marketing results.


Successful SEO practices result in measurable improvements to online visitor traffic and company growth.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients gain better leads through proven SEO tactics. Our Pittsburgh search engine optimization services can help your company funnel and convert online traffic to support your bottom line. As a creative agency partner, we also offer services in web design, development, and paid media. 

We have over 15 years of SEO experience.